Entity Gaming Set the Pace on Day 1 of the PMCO Fall South Asia Finals

Entity Gaming Set the Pace on Day 1 of the PMCO Fall South Asia Finals

Shounak Sengupta
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With only 5 spots up for grabs and 16 top teams jostling for position, day 1 of the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers kicked off with pomp. The final stage of the competition will feature three full days of action with 18 maps played in total but already Entity Gaming have taken a big lead with some massive performances allowing them to sit comfortably on top of the table. 

Map wise results on day 1:

ErangelTeam INDETG.BrawlersSouLClutchgod
SanhokTrustDProcessEntity GamingSynerGEUtsarga
MiramarEntity GamingTeam INSNepali Ho NiAman
ErangelSynerGERiP OfficialORB OfficialShryder
VikendiEntity GamingElementrixFnaticAman
ErangelRIP OfficialMEGA StarsZero Degree EsportsTempest

Entity Gaming take a massive lead with two WWCD

Entity Gaming were the clear winners of the day, having taken a 46 point lead over second placed Zero Degree Esports. Massive performances on Sanhok, Miramar and VIkendi saw the team amass 42 kills, 2 WWCDs and 1 second place finish. Along with this, they also finished in the top 5 in 2 other maps and have created a good buffer between them and the rest of the teams going into the second day. Aman was the MVP of the day and is the current kill leader with 19 frags to his name.

Toothless Fnatic struggle fail to make an impact

Crowd favorites, Fnatic failed to make an impact on day 1 as some incredibly bad rotations and messy teamfights saw them drop out outside the top 10, thrice in six games. Otherwise as well, the team had just one notable performance on Vikendi thanks to Owais's heroics. Fnatic were especially bad on Erangel, which is concerning as the map will be played 6 more times in the remaining two days. There decision to land in Military base every time made things even harder, as Fnatic never managed to make any good rotations from the island, falling early each time. The team are struggling in 8th place at the end of 6 maps and will need to show up strong on the last two days if they are to make it into the top 5. 

SouL rely on individual performances to stay in the middle of the pack

It's been a difficult journey for the much loved Team SouL, who managed to squeeze into the finals stage by a hair. They started off the day well, thanks to Clutchgod's heroics taking them into the top 3. Their other top 5 finish came courtesy of Regaltos, who pulled off a 1v4 clutch to take his team to a 4th place finish in the last map of the day. However, otherwise, the team looked a but worse for the wear, getting caught making rotations and not a lot seemed to go their way. 

ETG.Brawlers unable to repeat their semifinal performace

One team that everyone was looking towards, was ETG.Brawlers, who had impressed everyone by picking up 4 wins in the previous stage. But the side were unable to produce any of the magic that saw them top the table last time around. 

However, only 6 of the 18 maps have been played, which means that anything can still happen in the South Asia qualifiers. No one is guaranteed a spot at the moment and event the last placed team has a realistic shot at making it into the top 5. We have seen in the past that a lot of teams do better in the later stages of the competition as the opportunity to study teams tends to help them out more than others. Stay tuned for all the action as we return tomorrow for all the coverage and stories from the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers. 

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