Top 4 storylines from Day 1 of the PMCO Fall 2019 South Asia Qualifiers

Top 4 storylines from Day 1 of the PMCO Fall 2019 South Asia Qualifiers

Shounak Sengupta
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Day 1 of the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers had some great storylines with some incredibly dominating performances from one of the teams. While many some of the fan and tournament favorites had a rough start, teams from Nepal also got in on the action and have set things up for a very interesting Day 2. Here are our top storylines from Day 1 of the Qualifiers.

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ETG.Brawlers win 3 consecutive chicken dinners

ETG.Brawlers were by far the best team of the day, racking up back-to-back-to-back chicken dinners on Erangel, Vikendi and Miramar, and netting themselves a near unassailable points tally. With 37 kills in 4 maps, the Brawlers look like a completely different team from the one that finished in 19th place in the group stages. Even if the team are to get the minimum points from their remaining 4 games, they will in all likeliness finish in the top 16. 

Their sister squad, Entity Gaming were also consistent and finish the day in the top 5 on the leaderboards. While they were unable to get a WWCD, the team look like a top pick in terms of consistency and stability. 

Favorites Orange Rock feel the heat on the opening day

The favorites tag can often be a big pressure on teams and that is exactly what Orange Rock learnt in their opening games. Out of their 4 games, the team finished 14th, 13th and 13th in the first three maps with just 1 kill to their name. However, they found some redemption on Sanhok, making it into the top three and picking up 7 kill points to increase their tally. However, the team will need to reset and focus going into day 2 as they are still not in the top 16 at the end of day 1. 

Consistent Fnatic end the day in second place 

Golden boys Fnatic are expected to be one of the teams to go all the way at the South Asia qualifiers and the experienced bunch didn't let the pressure get to them. They picked up their first WWCD on LAN and remained consistent throughout. While the circle didn't favor them in some scenarios, the team are in second place and need only a minimal amount of points to guarantee their place in the finals. 

Trust Da Process show maturity and composure

While we thought that Solti Squad were the number 1 Nepali team going into the semifinals, it turned out that TDP had other things to say. The team managed to win on Sanhok and managed a second place finish on Vikendi that allows them to sit in third place on the table. 

At the end of the day, the table looks as follows: 

Day 2 will decide which 16 teams of the 24 move onto the grand finals! Stay tuned for all the action and coverage and check out our Instagram for live updates from the event. 

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