Entity Gaming, Mega X and Xspark on top as Day 1 of PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers comes to an end

Entity Gaming, Mega X and Xspark on top as Day 1 of PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers comes to an end

Shounak Sengupta
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The PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers began earlier today with Group A and B kicking off the action. 4 maps were played out between the 16 teams with Erangel being played twice and Miramar and Sanhok once. 

Entity Gaming who had a tough time at the PMIT Group C Finals, bounced back with some good performances and sit on top of the table as the day came to an end. They placed in the top 8 in all the games, including one WWCD and 33 kills to establish a comfortable lead. Another Indian side, Mega X occupies the second position after managing to finish in the top 3, three out of four times and picking up 30 kills to their name.

Elsewhere, Xspark kicked off their PMCO journey with high hopes, and despite an early demise in the first map, they struck back with a 17 kill chicken dinner on Sanhok and 30 kills throughout the day and sit in 3rd place. The team from Nepal, Solti Squad, had a decent showing as well, managing 2 top-three finishes to end the day in the 6th position. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Portal Esports suffered heavily and are in the bottom place, with only 7 points to their name.

Entity’s calculated play across the day was commendable with some incredibly precise decision making and a never say die attitude allowing them to pick up points where other teams would have failed. Xspark look sharp and it is evident that the team has both the experience and fragging potential to back themselves up. However, their pace is their weakness and the team is often too early or too late when it comes to rotations. 

It’s just day 1 of the group stages and all teams still have plenty of chances to move onto the semi-final stage as there are 24 spots for the same. Group C and D will play out tomorrow as names like Orange Rock Esports, 8 Bit, SouL and Reckoning are all in action. 

Stay tuned for all the action and coverage from the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers …. 

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