God's Reign, Team Mayhem, Orange Rock and Instinct Shooters through to PMIT Grand Finals

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 22 Sep 2019, 06:52 PM

An eventful day of PUBG Mobile action came to an end with 4 stacked rosters moving onto the grand finals. Initial delays and technical issues was followed by a long standoff between teams and the organizer wherein the teams refused to come out and play. However, in the end, after the teams and organizers reached a solution and even though much of the competitive integrity was already compromised, 5 maps were able to be played out. 

4 of the 5 maps were in Sanhok, a map known for its high paced gameplay allowing even weaker teams on paper to have equal standing with sheer circle luck. However, God’s Reígn showed that it wasn't just luck and they were indeed well versed on the map, getting back-to-back chicken dinners that allowed them to end the day in pole position. 

Earlier in the day, the very first win went to Instinct Shooters, who remained consistent enough to sneak into the top 4. The favourites, Orange Rock was in danger of not making the top 4; with none of the bigger maps in play, their strategic aggression could have been easily punished. However, they adjusted their game plan quite well in the heat of the moment, sneaking into top 5 finishes whenever necessary while managing to frag out whenever possible and took 3rd place in the standings. 

Team Mayhem had the loudest and most visible fan base in the arena and pleased their fans with one WWCD, 41 frags and a second-place finish to move onto the grand finals. Unfortunately, the change in format didn’t bode well for many of the teams, including favourites, Entity Gaming who faced the brunt of this change. However, they still placed in the top 8 and will have an opportunity to compete in the wildcard qualifiers for another shot. 

God's Reign, Team Mayhem, Orange Rock and Instinct Shooters through to PMIT Grand Finals

A total of 12 teams are now confirmed for the 150,000 USD grand finals which will take place in Kolkata on the 20th of October. They are:

Rising Hydra

Team Titans

Kill 2 Survive

Revenge Esports

8 bit Rampage

Team Insidious

Team GE

Team All Stars

God’s Reign

Team Mayhem

Orange Rock Esports

Instinct Shooters Official

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