PUBG Mobile | Huge upset as Team X crash out of PMIT

PUBG Mobile | Huge upset as Team X crash out of PMIT

Shounak Sengupta
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The PUBG Mobile India Tour has been touted as the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India with a prize pool of 150,000 USD. With an extensive qualifier system and 4 regional LANs leading up to the grand finals, the tournament provided an opportunity for a host of teams and players to showcase their skills and walk away with some pretty sizeable amounts of money as well.

The PMIT group stages involves 4 groups with each groups having an extensive offline phase followed by a group LAN finals. Already, the Group A and Group B LAN finals have been played out with 8 teams having qualified for the grand finals. Group C Finals are set to take place in Pune on the 22nd of September. 

Group D was the final chance for teams to qualify and boasted a pretty impressive set of names ranging from Team INS to Team X. And while Team INS has managed to get past the brutal bo1 format, Team X are the first big casualty of PMIT and have been eliminated from the tournament. As a result, the team who are probably the most recognized and have the most experience will not be in the fight which establishes India’s best PUBGM team. Sc0utOP, Ronak, Owais, Paritosh and Dream are some of the most recognized faces in the competitive PUBGM circuit, not just in India, but across the world and it came as a shock when the team crashed out of the competition. The lineup, although new comprises of names who have represented India at an international level and command massive followings who will be left disappointed by their performance. 

It was Team X’s first big outing as a team although they have been performing quite decently in scrims and show matches. The brutal bo1 format is indeed one of the key factors in contributing to their loss and if we are being totally honest, it really has no place in any competitive battle royale title. The format dictates multiple best of 1’s followed by bo3’s before the teams can actually qualify for the group finals. Team X were in Match number 24 of the bo1s and while they were heavy favourites going into the match. They lost both Ronak and Owais in an early skirmish when their drop zone was contested and the other two members were unable to go much further, having been stifled in both loot and positioning in the early game.

The team will have no more opportunities to try their hand at qualifying for the event and will now have to focus their efforts elsewhere. With tournaments like PMCO Fall and PUBG Mobile World League on the horizon, all hope is not lost for Team X as they can still prove to their fans that they have the skills to do well. 

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