RRQ Athena wins PMSC 2019, Kronten and ELG take 3rd place

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 08 Sep 2019, 02:48 PM

Thailand’s RRQ Athena along with Indonesian content creator Kenboo were crowned the champions of PMSC (PUBG Mobile Star Challenge) 2019 as the team held onto their lead from day 1 to edge out the rest of the competition. The team walk away with the trophy along with 100,000 USD while second placed Bigetron+Dita will take the runners-up cheque for 50,000 USD.

RRQ Athena wins PMSC 2019, Kronten and ELG take 3rd place

3 Indian teams along with 3 Indian content creators were a part of PMSC 2019 but only one leaves with a result that’s worth writing home about. Streamer and semi-professional player Kronten had teamed up with China’s Elite Gaming aka ELG and the squad finished in 3rd place, having slipped down from 2nd position where they finished at the end of day 2.  

RRQ Athena wins PMSC 2019, Kronten and ELG take 3rd place

Kronten and ELG managed 2 chicken dinners over the course of 2 days

Dynamo Gaming, who recently closed in on 5 million subscribers, had teamed up with Middle Eastern squad Sixty-Nine team finished in 12th place while SparK (The Rawknee + SouL) took a 13th placed finish. However, the worst performance came from TeamIND and Gareebooo who ended the competition in last place. However, it is fair to say that this wasn’t a true esport competition in all senses and was more for entertainment and fun, even with the huge amount of money involved. 

Bulshark and EVOS Esports finished in 4th place while ARXY and Uniq from Europe rounded up the top 5. Kronten’s ELG were looking on course for a championship winning run as they started the day with a WWCD and followed it up with a second place finish but their last 2 games ended horribly, taking away their hopes. 

It was the final tournament for Team SouL with their old roster and for TeamIND with Sc0utop as players and teams hae undergone a roster shuffle. The tournament had a lot of fun moments, light hearted moments and some great PUBGM action to top it all off. For now, we look ahead to PMCO Fall, which will be the next big international tournament.

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