Wild Rift Lunar Feast Event: How to Get Free Skin


Wild Rift Lunar Feast Event: How to Get Free Skin

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The Wild Rift Lunar Feast Event has officially arrived.
The event will last until 8th February.
Participating in the event will allow players to unlock one free skin in Wild Rift.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Lunar Feast event has been released featuring a ton of exciting rewards for players to acquire. The event tasks players with earning enough points to acquire ingredients and cook exquisite dishes in order to progress in the event Battle Pass. Players can also purchase a premium Lunar Feast Event Pass to unlock even more rewards, including Poro Energy which can then be used to exchange for a random skin of up to Epic tier. Players who purchased the premium event pass will also enjoy a significant boost to their ingredient collection, allowing them to progress faster and claim rewards sooner.

Wild Rift Lunar Feast Details

The Wild Rift Lunar Feast event will run from 12th January to 8th February. The event works like a Battle Pass system but players can only make progress by collecting ingredients by completing various tasks.

Players can also join a random team or form their own squad to help them progress through the event faster. However, take note that if a player leaves a team too frequently, there will be a short cooldown before they can join another one, resulting in slower progression in the event. Additionally, players who are inactive for seven consecutive days will be removed from the team automatically.

Cooking Missions

Players can choose between a wide variety of missions with varying numbers of ingredient rewards. The ingredients collected will be added to the event progress in order to unlock rewards. Training, custom games, and 1v1 duels will not score you any ingredients.

Players can change their assigned missions by clicking on the “List” button beside the “My Mission” section.

Wild Rift Lunar Feast Details

Wild Rift

Personal Event Rewards

Here are the personal rewards that players can acquire by participating in the event:

Team Event Rewards

Here are the rewards that players can get by joining a team;

Wild Rift Lunar Feast Event Pass

The event pass is free for all players. However, purchasing the premium Event Pass will unlock even more rewards for players. The premium version costs 590 Wild Cores to unlock.

Wild Rift Lunar Feast Event Pass

Wild Rift

How to get free skin in Wild Rift Lunar Feast

Participating in the event and unlocking all the rewards will yield a total of 5,000 Poro Energy for players. This is enough to exchange for a Poro Store Random Skin Chest which will reward players with a random skin of up to Epic tier.

Wild Rift Poro Store

Wild Rift

Players don’t need to purchase the premium pass in order to acquire enough Poro Energy to get free skins in Wild Rift. However, purchasing the premium pass will reward for a total of 3,250 bonus Poro Energy.

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