Who Is the Owner of Mobile Legends?

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Who Is the Owner of Mobile Legends?


Mobile Legends is owned by Moonton Games.
Moonton Game's CEO is Justin Yuan.
Moonton Games has released a plethora of other mobile titles in the past years aside from Mobile Legends.

As one of the biggest names in the mobile gaming industry, players often ask themselves “who is the owner of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?” Since its release back in July 2016, the game has grown into a colossal franchise with a huge player base and esports scene. As its user base continues to grow, a portion of its players and enthusiasts are not familiar with the owner of Mobile Legends. In this article, we delve into the depths of this mystery to reveal who is the publisher behind the hit mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title and what other games have they released throughout the years.

Who is the owner of Mobile Legends?

A lot of players are familiar with Moonton Games as the publisher behind Mobile Legends and its CEO is named Justin Yuan. The company is owned by the Nuverse subsidiary of ByteDance and is based in Shanghai, China. 

Under Justin Yuan's guidance, Mobile Legends expanded its presence worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia, where it gained immense popularity. Thanks to its engaging gameplay and regular esports events, the game successfully created a vibrant and dedicated gaming community.

List of Moonton games aside from Mobile Legends

While Mobile Legends is Moonton Games’ most successful title, the publisher has introduced a plethora of other titles for mobile devices. Since 2015, the publisher has made a total of six games with one, currently unplayable.

Here is a list of Moonton games from 2015 to 2023;

  • 2015 - Magic Rush: Heroes

  • 2016: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • 2019: Mobile Legends: Adventure

  • 2020: Mobile Legends Pocket (unavailable)

  • 2020: Sweet Crossing: Snake.io

  • 2023: Watcher of Realms

The games listed, with the exception of Mobile Legends Pocket, can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices.

Aside from producing mobile game titles, Moonton also made its own television series featuring iconic characters from the hit mobile MOBA title, Mobile Legends. The series was titled Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone which aired back in 2021 on various networks globally.

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