When Is MLBB Season 27 End Date


When Is MLBB Season 27's End Date?

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MLBB Season 27 will end sometime in March 2023.
The exclusive skin reward for MLBB Season 27 is the Winged Nightmare Argus.
Players can claim even more rewards based on how many ranked matches they have played.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Ranked Season 27 has begun, offering players a ton of exciting new rewards. The new competitive season offers a new in-game theme as well as new cosmetics and items, such as loading screen borders and protection cards. Instead of having to grind up to Master tier and above just to get this season’s exclusive skin, players will now only need to play 20 games to acquire the skin. This new mechanic will allow players to swiftly acquire the MLBB Season 27 exclusive skin without having to grind too many ranked matches and reach a specific division.

When does MLBB Season 27 end?

MLBB Season 27 will end on March 2023. Ranked seasons usually last around three months, giving players enough time to claim all the rewards and climb the ranked ladder. 

When does MLBB Season 27 end?

Mobile Legends

Players need to take note that Moonton may extend or shorten ranked season durations depending on various circumstances. Players may need to refer to the in-game countdown to see the most accurate answer for when is the MLBB Season 27 end date.

Play MLBB ranked games to unlock rewards

On top of the ranked tier rewards, players can also earn a ton of cosmetics and in-game items based on how many times they have played ranked matches.

Here are the rewards that players can acquire;

  • 20 Games - Winged Nightmare Argus skin (Season 27 Exclusive)

  • 40 Games - 3,000 Battle Points

  • 60 Games - Deluxe Skin-Trial Card (1 Day)

  • 80 Games - 350 Ticket

  • 100 Games - 20x Small Emblem Pack

  • 120 Games - 400 Ticket

  • 140 Games - 600 Magic Dust

  • 160 Games - 7,000 Battle Points

  • 180 Games - 900 Magic Dust 

  • 200 Games - Crimson Beyond Avatar Border (Season 27 Exclusive)

MLBB Season 27 Rewards

Mobile Legends

The rewards can only be unlocked after playing a certain number of ranked matches. Other game modes such as Classic, Brawl, VS A.I., or Custom do not count.

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