What Is the Release Date for Arlott in MLBB?


When Does Arlott Release in MLBB?

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Arlott is set to be released in MLBB on 14th February.
The new hero is classified as a Fighter type.
A trailer for the new hero will be released on 24th January.

The new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) hero Arlott will soon be released on 14th February. The new hero is classified as a fighter type that focuses on dealing physical damage to enemies while also having a few crowd control effects in his arsenal.

The upcoming MLBB hero Arlott has a unique passive that allows him to mark nearby heroes with his “Demonic Gaze”. Attacking these marked heroes with crowd control abilities will allow him to deal critical damage when he uses one of his abilities. Arlott can also use his ultimate to reposition his enemies and potentially break their formation to gain the upper hand during team fights.

When will Arlott release in MLBB?

The new hero Arlott will be released on 14th February, according to the official Twitter page of MLBB.

Aside from the release date announcement, a teaser trailer will also be released on 24th January which shall reveal the backstory of the upcoming hero.

Arlott Abilities

Here is a quick summary of Arlott’s abilities in MLBB

Passive - Demon’s Gaze

Arlott will mark one nearby enemy every 10 seconds. When Arlott hits a marked enemy using his second ability “Vengeance”, his attacks are guaranteed a critical hit. Enemies who are hiding in the bush or are invisible can’t be marked until they are revealed.

Skill 1 - Dauntless Strike

Arlott attacks with his lance in a specific direction, marking and slowing enemies hit while dealing physical damage. Enemies hit in the inner part are stunned for a few seconds while those who are in the outer part are stunned for a longer duration.

Skill 2 - Vengeance

Arlott dashes in a designated direction dealing physical damage. Damage to marked enemies is guaranteed to critically strike and Skill 2 will reset its cooldown immediately. 

Skill 3 - Final Slash

Arlott swings his spear and pushes enemies to his right side and inflicts physical damage. Enemies hit will also be marked. 

It will be interesting to see if Arlott is able to shake the meta in a similar manner to previously released heroes like Joy and Fredrinn.

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