What is Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store? What Items are Available?


What is Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store? What Items are Available?

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With Warzone coming to a new mobile platform, a set of changes are also going to make their way here.
In a community update, Activision has let players know that a new feature called Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store is coming to the game.
This Arsenal Store will be your go-to destination to acquire weapons, gear, and equipment.

With a platform shift from one to another, there are also a set of changes unique to the new platform. As Warzone makes its way to Warzone Mobile, a slew of changes are coming to the mobile version. These include cross progression, progression shift , and the all-new Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store.

Activision has released a community update to keep players in the loop. The all-new Mobile Arsenal store is essentially your weapon store for mobiles.

In this article, we'll help you understand what the Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store is and what items you can find there.

Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store: Complete Details

What is Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store?

In Warzone Mobile, the Arsenal Store is your ultimate destination for acquiring weapons, gear, and equipment to enhance your gameplay experience. This item shop is exclusive to Warzone Mobile only. Players will be able to unlock weapons released in both Modern Warfare 2 and 3.

Play the game as you do to earn Arsenal Coins. As the thumb rule goes, the more you play, the more coins you will earn. An Arsenal Coin is a virtual currency that enables you to unlock various items within the store.

Other ways in which you can earn these Arsenal Coins include participating in events, completing daily challenges, and progressing through levels. The Arsenal Store provides a comprehensive selection to cater to your strategic needs on the battlefield.

What Items are Available in the Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store?

Items that are available in the Warzone Mobile Arsenal Store are as follows,

  • Any MWIII weapon earned outside of profile progression/rank unlocks

  • Previously released MWII weapons

  • Previously released MWII killstreaks, field upgrades, and equipment

In MWIII, certain new additions, such as killstreaks, field upgrades, event items, and equipment, are introduced outside of the typical progression unlocks. This means they may not initially be accessible through the Arsenal Store. However, this feature is still new and could potentially be expanded in future updates.

The Arsenal Store is a means to enhance cross-progression and gear accessibility across Warzone Mobile, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone.

The Mobile Arsenal Store is certainly going to help smoothen the shift from platforms like PC and consoles to mobiles. Warzone Mobile has been in the pipeline for a very long time and is finally set to release on 21st March 2024, Thursday. The release has amped up the players as they gear up for a worldwide launch. Currently Warzone Mobile is available in only some select regions, but that is going to change soon!

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