Warzone Mobile Compatible Devices List And Ways To Boost Performance


Warzone Mobile Compatible Devices List and Ways to Boost Performance

Ahsan Kabir
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Warzone Mobile is currently facing optimization challenges, causing performance issues on various devices, including flagships.
Players should ensure playability by checking minimum system requirements and adjusting in-game settings for better performance in Warzone Mobile.

The worldwide release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, one of the most highly anticipated battle royale games, has been met with mixed reviews, largely due to optimization issues. The problems are not limited to budget devices; even some flagship smartphone models have encountered errors while attempting to launch the game.

If you find yourself among the unlucky players facing such performance problems, the first step should be to check if your device meets the minimum system requirements.

This article also provides helpful information for those who can run Warzone Mobile but cannot enjoy a smooth gaming experience due to suboptimal performance.

List of Compatible Devices for Warzone Mobile

Recommended Specifications:

  • iOS Devices

    • Six-core GPU

    • 6GB RAM

  • Android Devices

    • Adreno 660 GPU

    • 8GB RAM

Best Devices for Warzone Mobile

  • iOS Devices

    • iPhone 14 Pro Max

    • iPhone 15 Pro Max

    • iPad Pro 11

  • Android Devices

    • ASUS ROG Phone 7 Ultimate Smartphone

    • Google Pixel 8 Pro

    • OnePlus 11 5G

    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    • Xiaomi 13T Pro

List of Mobile Devices Warzone Mobile Minimum Requirements

  • iOS Devices

    • iPhone 8 Plus or newer

    • iOS 16 or better

    • 4GB RAM or more

  • Android Devices

    • Devices with Adreno 618 GPU or better

    • 6GB RAM or more

It is important to note that these are just the baseline requirements. Suppose you want to experience the game at its best with high frame rates and graphical fidelity. In that case, you'll likely need a device that exceeds these minimums and stands truly as one of the Warzone Mobile compatible devices.

If you are going to play the game on an older device and want to boost your framerates, here are some things that you can try.

In-Game Settings

  • Graphics: This is the most impactful setting. Go to Settings > Audio & Graphics. Set Graphics to Low. You can also experiment with turning off individual graphics options like Anti-Aliasing and Bloom.

  • Frame Rate: Set Frame Rate to Max.

  • Field of View (FOV): Lowering the FOV can help improve performance. A value between 55-60 is a good starting point.

  • Shader Preload: Go to Audio & Graphics and scroll down. Tap the yellow Start Shader Preload button. This pre-loads game resources to potentially reduce lag.

Best Device Settings to Improve Performance in Warzone Mobile

  • Close Background Apps: Ensure no other apps are running in the background while playing COD Mobile. This frees up system resources.

  • Game Booster (Android): Some phone manufacturers offer a "Game Booster" mode. This might optimize device settings for better performance.

  • System Animations (Android): Reducing system animation scales can make your phone feel faster and potentially improve frame rate. This option might be located under Developer Options (hidden on some phones). Be cautious when modifying developer settings, as you could unintentionally impact your phone.

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