Top Guns with Loadouts in COD: Mobile Season 1 (2024)


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Top Guns with Loadouts in COD: Mobile Season 1 (2024)

Ahsan Kabir
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From LMGs to Snipers, here are the top picks to dominate the ranked maps in season 1.

The top guns and loadouts for Call of Duty: Mobile's first season of 2024 have been revealed after recent balance changes. The R9 shotgun, PDW, Cordite, CBR, and QQ9 SMGs, the LK24 and KN44 assault rifles, and the UL736 LMG are all honorable mentions. However, they have been surpassed by other guns with better strengths.

Best Loadouts in COD: Mobile Season 1

5. UL-736

Coming in at number 5 is the UL-736 LMG. With the best long-range 3-tap potential and a new signature attachment now unlockable from seasonal event, it is a great option for slowing down the pace and locking down parts of the map.

UL-736 Loadout in COD: Mobile

UL-736 Loadout

4. Fennec

The Fennec SMG with the correct legendary skin ranks number 4. It has one of the best potential times-to-kill up close. However, it can be difficult to control due to recoil and bullet spread requiring precise aim.

Fennec Loadout in COD: Mobile

Fennec Loadout

3. LW3-Tundra

The new Tundra bolt-action sniper hits number 3. Surpassing all other snipers in fire rate, ADS speed, movement, damage multipliers, and more, the LW-3 Tundra dominates all and can still one shot kill.

LW3-Tundra Loadout in COD: Mobile

LW3-Tundra Loadout

2. DR-H

Coming at number 2 is the recently buffed DR-H assault rifle which has immediately become a nightmare in close to mid-range. Remember the OTM becomes a must to bring out the full potential of this 3-shot beauty.

DR-H Loadout in COD: Mobile

DR-H Loadout

1. HVK

Retaining the best overall spot is the HVK-30 with the large caliber magazine. With a faster fire rate than the DRH, it dominates time-to-kill at all ranges. Despite deserving a nerf, it continues domination as the best gun in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1. You can also swap the Monolithic with Tactical Suppressor if you are more comfortable in taking fights up close.

HVK-30 loadout

HVK-30 loadout for COD: Mobile

While staples like the AMAX and Switchblade still hold their own, new dominators like the Tundra and DR-H with OTM magazine have staked their claim as top tier guns. With new attachments and tuning on the horizon for multiple weapons, the landscape looks to continue evolving over the course of the season.

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