Top 5 Highest Earning BGMI Esports Players


Top Five Highest-Earning BGMI Esports Players

Ahsan Kabir
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In the realm of competitive mobile gaming there are a few that rise to the top.
Even in BGMI, a few players have amassed substantial earnings by winning tournaments.
Here are the top five highest-earning BGMI players in terms of prize money won from competing in tournaments.

In the adrenaline-fueled realm of BGMI esports, a few trailblazers have risen, not just dominating the leaderboards but also amassing substantial earnings, setting them apart as the elite of Indian mobile gaming. This article shines a spotlight on some titans whose prowess on the digital battlefield has translated into remarkable financial success.

Here are the top five highest-earning BGMI esports players in terms of prize money won by competing in various tournaments.

Top Five Highest-Earning BGMI Esports Players

1. Ammar "Destro" Khan

  • Total Esports Earnings: $91,181.85 (₹74,27,906.23 INR ~)

Destro, a pivotal figure in India's mobile esports scene, has made a significant impact, especially noted for his achievements at the very top, winning both Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 and 2023 (BGIS).

With an extraordinary comeback, he joined Gladiator Esports, leading to a series of victories that have positioned him among the highest-paid players in the country.

His recent triumph in BGIS 2023, followed by consecutive wins in major BGMI tournaments, underscores his dominance. Destro currently is celebrated for winning three major tournaments in a row, a feat unmatched in India, making him the most decorated player in the BGMI esports circuit of 2023.

2. Jonathan "JONATHAN" Amaral

  • Total Esports Earnings: $80,491.93 USD (₹65,60,072.19 INR ~)

JONATHAN is acclaimed for his extraordinary shooting skills in BGMI. His reputation as one of India's top mobile esports athletes is backed by impressive performances in multiple major tournaments.

Despite challenges in early 2022, Jonathan bounced back spectacularly at the BGMI Masters Series 2022, becoming the MVP (Most Valuable Player) with the highest kills.

His ability to dominate with long-range sprays and exceptional combat skills, even as a thumb player, sets him apart in the competitive arena. His contributions have been pivotal in securing high placements for his team, Godlike Esports​ , making the esports organization an international sensation.

3. Vivek "ClutchGod" Horo

  • Total Esports Earnings: $80,094.96 (₹65,27,332.48 INR ~)

ClutchGod has made a name for himself as a formidable IGL (In-Game Leader) in BGMI. His strategic insights and leadership have guided his teams through numerous challenging encounters, ensuring their success in various national and international tournaments.

ClutchGod's knack for making critical decisions under pressure and his gameplay skills have been instrumental in his team's achievements, making him a respected figure in the esports community.

4. Parth "DeltaPG" Garg

  • Total Esports Earnings: $79,900.01 (₹65,07,208.15 INR ~)

DeltaPG, is a talented BGMI player whose strategic gameplay and consistent performance have earned him recognition in the esports scene. He has been part of several top-tier esports teams, where his skills in navigating the battlegrounds have significantly contributed to his team's successes.

DeltaPG's journey through the competitive landscape of BGMI showcases his growth as a player and his ability to compete at the highest levels, maintaining a standard of excellence and competitiveness​​.

5. Suraj Nityanand "Neyoo" Majumdar

Total Esports Earnings: $72,947.51 (₹59,47,213.12 INR ~)

Neyoo has carved out a niche for himself in the BGMI community with his remarkable gameplay and strategic prowess. His journey through the esports arena is marked by consistent growth and notable achievements, highlighting his skills and dedication to the game.

Neyoo's ability to perform under pressure and contribute significantly to his team's success has made him a player to watch for in the competitive BGMI scene.

These luminaries of the BGMI esports scene not only showcase the thrilling potential of competitive gaming in India but also highlight the lucrative career paths esports can offer to dedicated and skilled players.

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