Top 5 Advanced Movement Tips for COD Mobile BR

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Top 5 Advanced Movement Tips for COD: Mobile BR


COD: Mobile

Gain a Tactical Edge with Advanced Movement Techniques.

In Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) Battle Royale, having superior movement skills can give you a significant advantage over other players. Mastering advanced movement techniques can help you outmaneuver opponents, dodge bullets, and make swift tactical decisions. Before we delve into the top five advanced movement tips and tricks, let's ensure you have the perfect basic settings for better movement speed across the map.

Perfecting Your Basic Settings

  1. Turn off Fixed Joystick: Head to your settings and disable the fixed joystick option. This allows for more fluid movement as you can freely move left and right without restrictions.

  2. Smallest Joystick Size: Set your joystick to the smallest size possible. A smaller joystick allows for precise control and quick adjustments during intense battles.

  3. Always Sprint at 100%: Make sure your sprinting is set to 100% to maintain maximum movement speed at all times.

Basic Movement Techniques for COD: Mobile BR

Before diving into advanced maneuvers, let's quickly cover some fundamental movement techniques:

  1. Slide: While sprinting, hit the slide button to perform a slide. Sliding helps you quickly maneuver through tight spaces and can be used to dodge incoming fire.

  2. Slide and Jump: While sprinting, hit the slide button, and quickly tap the jump button to perform a slide and jump maneuver. This combination can be used to perform evasive jumps and reach higher areas.

  3. Drop Shots and Jump Shots: The drop shot involves going prone while shooting at your targets, making it harder for opponents to hit you. The jump shot is executed by tapping the jump button while shooting, which can surprise enemies and make you a challenging target to track.

Advanced Movement Techniques

Now, let's explore the top five advanced movement tips and tricks that will elevate your gameplay to the next level:

  1. Backslide: Also known as the reverse slide, this technique involves performing a 180-degree turn while sprinting and then holding the slide button. This move can be used to break line of sight, gain cover quickly, counter enemies unexpectedly, and provide immense satisfaction.

  2. Slide Canceling: Slide canceling is a skill where you sprint and hit the slide button against obstacles or walls to trigger the slide cancel animation. This technique makes you a harder target to hit in close combat, giving you a crucial advantage in gunfights.

  3. Bunny Hop: The bunny hop is a versatile movement that involves sliding and hitting the jump button simultaneously. To take it to the next level, while sprinting, press the slide button, then immediately press the jump button, and quickly scope and shoot simultaneously. This advanced bunny hop and quickscope combo can lead to swift eliminations.

  4. Super Bunny Hop: To execute the super Bunny hop, position yourself on a higher surface and hit the slide button to quickly jump down. This move grants you a speed burst, allowing you to descend faster and maintain mobility during aerial engagements.

  5. Combining Techniques: The key to domination is seamlessly combining the techniques learned above. Surprise your enemies with bunny hops or super bunny hops while integrating drop shots or jump shots for maximum effectiveness and control during battles.

In conclusion, mastering advanced movement techniques in COD: Mobile Battle Royale can significantly improve your gameplay and give you an edge over other players. Practice these tips and tricks in various scenarios to become a more agile and formidable competitor on the battlefield. Remember, fluid and precise movement can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. So, hop into the game, implement these strategies, and witness your performance soar to new heights. Happy gaming!

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