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The Flying Pan Challenge in BGMI: How to Get Yeti Pan Skin for Free

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The Flying Pan Challenge event in BGMI offers players various rewards including a Yeti Pan skin and scrap coupons.
To redeem these rewards players will need to complete missions available in the event.

The 2.9 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is coming to an end. The current update has brought several features which can be played in the classic mode matches. It has also brought some exciting rewards for the players through multiple events, crates and exchange centers. Recently, The Flying Pan Challenge event was added to the events in-game section which offers players a chance to redeem a Pan skin for free. In this article we will take a look at how players will be able to obtain the reward from the event for free.

The Flying Pan Challenge event detailed

The Flying Pan Challenge event was introduced in BGMI on 14th January and it will conclude on 26th January 2024. The event has brought to the players an exclusive limited time Pan skin which can be obtained by completing the mission available in the event. Players will have to play the classic mode matches and finish a given number of enemies with a Pan which will then grant them the rewards available in the event.

Yeti Pan Skin


Complete these missions to get the rewards and the Yeti Pan skin for free:

  • Finish 1 enemy using the Pan in Classic mode - 1x Classic Crate Coupon Scrap.

  • Finish 3 enemies using the Pan in Classic mode - 3x Classic Crate Coupons Scrap.

  • Finish 5 enemies using the Pan in Classic mode - 1x Classic Crate Coupon.

  • Finish 10 enemies using the Pan in Classic mode - Yeti Pan Skin (14 days).

Tips to get 10 finishes with the Pan in Classic mode for the Yeti Pan skin:

  • Be on the lookout for bots. It is easier to kill bots with a Pan. 

  • Play in solo mode where it is easier to eliminate enemies with a Pan. 

  • Avoid hot drop locations and take drops on the edge of the map where there are less number of enemies.

The Flying Pan Challenge in BGMI will conclude along with the 2.9 update and players who wish to get the Yeti Pan skin should do it before the update concludes.

This is a good opportunity for players to get the exclusive Pan skin for free. Although the skin is only available for a limited time, it is one of the easiest to procure with minimal effort.

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