Steps to Get Self Mastery emote & Inner Whisper Gloo Wall from the Free Fire Chaos Royale event


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Steps to Get Self Mastery Emote & Inner Whisper Gloo Wall From the Free Fire Chaos Royale Event

Ahsan Kabir
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Devil tokens can be exchanged for missed rewards.

Free Fire MAX has unleashed its first Chaos Royale luck event, bringing chaotic new goodies for players to unlock. The spotlight shines on two Chaos-themed premium rewards: the Inner Self Mastery emote and Inner Whisper gloo wall skin. Arriving on 28th January 2024, this limited-time royale lets players embrace their inner turmoil. The event ties into the ongoing Chaos campaign and its theme of embracing the pandemonium within.

Closer Look at the Rewards in Free Fire Chaos Royale event

Fitting with the title, the principal rewards channel that bedlam into stylish expressions of controlled chaos. The Inner Self Mastery emote depicts your character plunging into a corrupted version of themselves, only to re-emerge ready for battle. Meanwhile, the Inner Whisper gloo wall pulses with chaotic energy, the giant winged serpent at its center poised to strike any foolish enough to approach.

Beyond the two Chaos-inspired rewards, the Chaos Royale also introduces the Pink Paw Swiper bat skin. This new baseball bat bears a bright pink scheme with black accents, certain to make an impression when bashing enemies.

Scoring these sweet prizes will test players’ luck and diamond reserves. Each individual spin costs 9 diamonds, or players can purchase a 10+1 spin bundle for 90 diamonds. Unfortunately, Universal Ring Tokens cannot be used here. The full lineup of attainable rewards includes:

  • Inner Self Mastery emote

  • Inner Whisper gloo wall

  • Pink Paw Swiper bat skin

  • Premium outfits and backpacks

  • Various loot crates

  • Devil tokens for exchanges

  • Bonus items to aid in matches

For players with poor Chaos Royale luck, acquired Devil Tokens can be exchanged for select royale items. This includes the Chaos-themed emote and gloo wall. So perseverance and tokens can still pay off for unlucky combatants.

To embrace bedlam and claim these rewards:

1. Open Free Fire MAX and access the Luck Royale

2. Scroll down and select the Chaos Royale event

3. Spend diamonds to earn spins and unlock rewards

The call of chaos compels all Free Fire MAX players. Will you answer by claiming the Inner Self Mastery emote and Inner Whisper gloo wall before this royale concludes? Harness your inner turmoil and let these rewards unleash your formidable new style.

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