PUBG Mobile: How to Power-Up the Kamehameha in Battle Royale Dragon Ball Super Mode

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PUBG Mobile: How to Power-Up the Kamehameha in Battle Royale Dragon Ball Super Mode
Here is how you can strengthen Kamehameha in PUBG Mobile's Dragon Ball Super Mode, and yes, there is more than one way.

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts have been swept off their feet by the captivating fusion of two beloved franchises – PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super. The latest update introduced players to an exhilarating gaming experience with the integration of the Dragon Ball Super series, offering a plethora of exciting features. One of the standout abilities in this crossover is the legendary Kamehameha, which has become a focal point for gamers seeking to dominate the battlefield.

How do you upgrade the Kamehameha in PUBG Mobile?

Kamehameha, inspired by the iconic ability from the Dragon Ball series, is a unique and formidable skill available in PUBG Mobile's Dragon Ball Super Themed mode. Players can unleash the legendary power of the Kamehameha by charging up a concentrated beam of high-damage energy, devastating foes in their path with significant area damage.

Players can also collect unique loot items, chests, and airdrops. Spirit crystals can also be collected to upgrade the character's attack levels, and equip attachments like the Kai Necklace and Range Ring for enhanced performance.

Powering up the Kamehameha using the Dragon Balls

However, the key to strengthening the Kamehameha lies in gathering all seven Dragon Balls within PUBG Mobile's Dragon Ball Super Themed mode. Once accomplished, players must make their way to a Shenron Shrine or Summoning Altar, where they can summon the mighty Eternal Shenron. This awe-inspiring dragon grants players a variety of enticing options to choose from.

The most sought-after option among gamers is the enhancement of the Kamehameha's power. By choosing this upgrade, the devastating attack gains increased damage output and an extended range, empowering players to swiftly overcome their adversaries with ease.

The infusion of Dragon Ball Super into PUBG Mobile has breathed new life into the game, captivating millions of players worldwide. The addition of the Kamehameha as a special ability in the Dragon Ball Super Themed mode has added a layer of excitement and depth to the gameplay. With the opportunity to strengthen this iconic attack, players can now unleash devastating power upon their foes, turning the tide of battle in their favor. As the adventure continues in the Dragon Ball Super-themed world of PUBG Mobile, players can look forward to further surprises and challenges that await them.

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