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Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build

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In this article, we'll take a look at what an ideal Blastoise build looks like.

Blastoise is a water-type Pokemon who was first introduced to the Pokeverse in Generation I. It is the evolved version of Wartotle and the final version of Squirtle. It boasts an incredibly rigorous water attack with two large cannons on its left and right shoulders and one at the center. It is generally reclusive and does not like to be around humans. However, it only attacks when provoked. 

This is a defender-type Pokemon with a ranged attack type. The best Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build depends on the playstyle you are going for. For those who prefer defensive gameplay and have patience to stay longer in the game, this is an ideal Pokemon for you. While Blastoise is weak early in the game, it can soon become a dominating giant with awesome crowd control moves if you give it time. 

Blastoise assumes a leader-type role in crowds with Wartotles and Squirtles. So, if you are ready to give this giant a chance in your next match, here is a Blastoise build for you. 

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite: All You Need to Know

Blastoise is a water-type Pokemon and the final version of Squirtle. It was first introduced in the first generation game Pokemon: Red and Blue. 

Blastoise starts as Squirtle in level 1, upgrades to Wartotle at level 16 and then to its final form in level 36. 

Blastoise is the final version of Squirtle. 

While Blastoise is the final version of Squirtle, it can further evolve into Mega Blastoise with Blastoisinite and can Gigantamax.

Blastoise's mega form
Blastoise can Gigantamax after mega evolving.

It is a ranged attacker with standard ranged moves. Blastoise is a humongous Pokemon with a large blue body and a cream-colored stomach. It also has small, fat arms. It’s shell is large and that is where its water cannons rest. These water cannons shoot out water with incredible force, cutting through even thick steel. 

Best Held Items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

The best held items for Blastoise include Focus Band and Score Shield. If you are able to carry a third item with you, then we'd recommend Sp. Atk. Specs. 

  • Focus Band - The Focus Band serves as Blastoise's go-to tank item, boosting its fixed defenses and offering a reliable way to stay alive. 

  • Score Shield - The Score Shield augments Blastoise's substantial HP, further enhancing the shield generated when scoring goals.

  • Special Attack Specs - Special Attack Specs provide Blastoise with a significant damage boost when fully stacked.

Best Battle Items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Eject Button and Potion are highly recommended battle items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite. 

  • Eject Button - The Eject Button empowers Blastoise to orchestrate team kills through its Unite move. Additionally, it enables the water type Pokemon to maintain pressure on enemies, maximizing its damage output.

  • Potion - Potion blends well with Blastoise's natural high HP, offering a soothing healing effect. This ensures Blastoise's survivability, especially when it's vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Best Moves for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

There are a number of moves players can choose from when it comes to deciding what’s ideal for Blastoise. If you are opting for an aggressive, offensive playstyle, then the combination of Rapid Spin and Water Spout is ideal. On a more defensive note, Surf and Hydro Pump will be your go-to moves. 

You can go for either playstyle, depending on your preference. 

  1. Rapid Spin - This move stands out as Blastoise's most versatile move, seamlessly blending with any of its other moves. This combination allows Blastoise to deliver substantial damage while simultaneously providing immunity, making it an ideal choice for intense battles. .

  2. Water Spout - This move on its own may not showcase significant value for Blastoise. However, its true effectiveness can be seen when activated during Rapid Spin, drastically enhancing the damage output of Rapid Spin and unlocking its full potential.

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