MortaL and Thug Voice Packs Set to be Released Alongside BGMI Relaunch


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MortaL and Thug Voice Packs Set to be Released Alongside BGMI Relaunch

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BGMI is making a long-awaited comeback in India on May 29th after a 10-month hiatus.
According to AFK Gaming's sources, it will be accompanied by the release of voice packs featuring popular streamers MortaL and Thug.
MortaL and Thug, prominent figures in the Indian gaming community and co-owners of S8UL Esports, have recorded exclusive voice lines to enhance the gaming experience for BGMI players.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is finally set to return to India on May 29th after a hiatus of 10 months. AFK Gaming has learned that this relaunch will be accompanied by the inclusion of two voice packs featuring popular S8UL Esports co-owners Naman "MortaL" Sandeep Mathur and Animesh "Thug" Agarwal.

MortaL and Thug, both widely recognized figures in the Indian gaming community, have amassed a massive following through their charismatic gameplay and engaging streaming content. Both have played instrumental roles in making BGMI the premier esports title in Indian esports.

A social media campaign with the #PlayASThug and #PlayASMortal hashtags is also expected to accompany the release of these voice packs

BGMI Returns with MortaL and Thug Voice Packs

Thug’s voice pack was originally released in July 2022, around the time the game got suspended in the country. Although MortaL’s voice pack was also recorded, it did not make its way into the game before the suspension. So it is only natural for Krafton to release these voice packs alongside the relaunch of the game.

The voice packs are expected to be similar to the same format in which audio files of popular stars like Jonathan, Kaztro, Snax, Payal, Ghatak, Dynamo, Mavi, and Scout were introduced in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The voice packs hold significant appeal for BGMI enthusiasts, who eagerly await the relaunch of the game. BGMI's temporary absence created a void in the Indian gaming community, intensifying the anticipation surrounding its return. The addition of MortaL and Thug voice packs is expected to further amplify the excitement and foster a renewed sense of connection between players and their gaming idols.

As the countdown to the BGMI relaunch continues, fans are buzzing with anticipation, expressing their enthusiasm across social media platforms and gaming communities. Many have expressed their eagerness to experience MortaL and Thug's unique commentary within the game, envisioning it as a fresh dimension of immersion and entertainment.

The BGMI relaunch, coupled with the introduction of these popular streamers' voice packs, signifies a significant milestone in the Indian gaming landscape. Krafton's strategic move to collaborate with MortaL and Thug reflects the company's recognition of their immense influence and the impact they have on the gaming community.

With only one day left until the grand relaunch, BGMI players across India are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the moment they can dive back into the game and experience it like never before, with the virtual presence of MortaL and Thug a welcome addition to the game.

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