Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for April 2023

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Mobile Legends (ML) Hero Tier List for April 2023


The ML Tier List for April 2023 lists every hero in MLBB from the least viable to the best in ranked games.
Tier lists in Mobile Legends are meant to give you an idea of which heroes are performing well in the current meta.
How you climb the ranked ladder will still be greatly influenced by your playstyle.

The Mobile Legends (ML) Tier List for April 2023 ranks every hero from the least viable to the best in ranked games. The list shows which heroes are doing well in the current patch cycle. Nevertheless, you have to understand and figure out how to use these heroes in order to maximize their potential and start winning your matches to climb the ranked ladder. This ML Tier List for April 2023 is meant to give you an idea of which heroes are performing well in the current meta. How you climb the ranked ladder will be greatly influenced by your playstyle.

It is important for the team to be well-balanced between Engage (Tank, Assassin, Fighter), Support, Mage, and Marksman. Using this tier list will help you decide which heroes you should use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) for each role to improve your chances of winning.

Best Assassin


Joy remains as one of the best heroes in ML due to her incredible mobility and damage potential. Her mechanics may seem a bit confusing at first, but mastering her playstyle allows players to carry almost all matches.


Hayabusa is a very versatile hero that can be played in multiple roles. His ability to engage and disengage through teleportation makes him quite powerful in team fights or duels.

Best Fighter


With the recent adjustments, Lapu-Lapu has become quite viable in the EXP Lane or as a reliable jungler. Aside from his exceptional mobility and crowd control effects, the hero also boasts a decent amount of damage, allowing him to serve as an engager during team fights.


Despite a few nerfs, the hero remains one of the best Jungle or EXP Lane heroes. Similar to Lapu-Lapu, Martis offers a ton of utility such as crowd control and mobility while also boasting an insane damage potential.

Best Mage


Valentina is one of the most flexible mages in the game due to her ultimate ability. She can copy an enemy hero’s ultimate ability, allowing her to offer limitless ability combos based on your opponent’s lineup.


Harith is back at the top of the game due to the recent meta shift. The hero can be played on both Mid Lane and Gold Lane. His flexibility, mobility, and damage potential make him one of the best picks for mages who are willing to make adjustments during the drafting phase.

Best Marksman


One of the most mobile Marksman in the game. Wanwan can dash a short distance for every basic attack she makes. This allows you to infinitely position yourself with every basic attack. Perfect for dodging skill shots and chasing off enemies who try to run away. 


Melissa is currently one of the strongest marksmen in the game. Her range is exceptional on top of the ability to counter dash abilities. Considering Wanwan is one of the most banned heroes in the game, Melissa is a perfect alternative when playing the marksman role.

Best Support


Strategies on how to maximize Diggie’s potential have changed throughout multiple patches. However, his core mechanics remain the same. He can move freely while waiting to respawn, allowing him to spy on dangerous areas. However, he is more than just food for the enemy team. His abilities can disrupt teamfights while also preventing enemies from running too far away. 


Floryn’s recent balance change allowed her to outperform most healers in the game, including Estes in terms of utility. Aside from her tremendous healing burst, her ultimate ability also temporarily removes negative effects and makes allies immune to any debuff for a short duration.

Best Tank


Fredrinn is a hybrid Fighter and Tank hero that can deal massive damage the more hits he takes from enemies. Not only is he tanky enough to survive multiple hits, he can also be dangerous in team fights, forcing enemies to keep an eye out for him whenever he his ready to engage.


Atlas is one of the strongest roaming tanks in the current meta. With the help of the Conceal enchantment in boots, he can go invisible and surprise enemies with a Fatal Links combo to disrupt their formation. 

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