Mobile Legends Lucky Star May 2022 Event: How to Win all Heroes and Skins


Mobile Legends Lucky Star 2022 Event: How to Win All Heroes and Skins

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Players who participate in the MLBB Lucky Star 2022 stand a chance to win all heroes and skins permanently for free.
Acquire Dig Chances twice a day starting on 7th May until 14th May.
Players can start digging on 15th May.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 2022 Lucky Star event returns, giving players another shot at winning all heroes and skins in the game. The event tasks players with collecting Dig Chances that shall be used on 15th May. Digging on the map that is provided shall reward players with various rewards with the grand prize of permanently unlocking all currently available heroes and skins for free. Starting 7th May, players can start collecting Dig Chances until the day the map gets unlocked and then players can start excavating exciting rewards. However, the heroes and skins unlocked through the MLBB 2022 Lucky Star event can only be used in the Classic game mode and cannot be used in the Ranked competitive game mode.

Mobile Legends 2022 Lucky Star event details

One of the biggest in-game events in MLBB returns once again to give players another chance to win all the heroes and skins they want. Players can start collecting Dig Chances until 14th May. The more Dig Chances you get, the more is your chance of winning.

How to collect Dig Chances

Simply tap on the compass at the lower right side of the screen. After the first tap, players can tap again and share the event on their social media handles to claim the second Dig Chance.

Mobile Legends 2022 Lucky Star event preview.

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Players should take note that they can only acquire two Dig Chances per day so make sure to claim both every day to maximize your chances of winning.

Players can start digging for rewards on 15th May.


Here are the prizes and how many players can acquire them while digging through the event map;

  • 1st Prize: Permanent access to all heroes and skins - 1 Player

  • 2nd Prize: All Three 515 M-World Skins - 10 Players

  • 3rd Prize: 515 M-World Skins Choice Chest x2 - 100 Players

  • 4th Prize: 515 M-World Skins Choice Chest x1 - 1,800 Players

  • 5th Prize: Random 515 M-World Skin Trial Card (1 Day) x1 - 5,000 Players

  • 6th Prize: Random skin trial card -No Limits

Players should take note that “All Heroes” and “All Skins” in the reward pool refer to heroes and skins released before 1st May 2022. Tournament series, Exclusive, and Collaboration skins are excluded from the list of free skins.

Event rewards are linked to the winner’s account and server only and are not shared by other accounts and servers. Players who win are not allowed to sell or rent their accounts. If the said player is caught, the prizes shall be withdrawn.

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