Mobile Legends Ixia Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More


Mobile Legends Ixia Guide: Best Build, Revamped Emblem, and More

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Ixia is a very powerful marksman but lacks mobility.
Ixia is mostly played in the Gold Lane.
Here is a Mobile Legends Ixia build guide, including her best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Ixia build guide will provide players with the recommended items, emblems, and Battle Spells to maximize the hero’s potential. The Gold Lane is where Micro skills are being tested as players need to be able to farm fast and get items as soon as possible to get an early lead. Ixia in Mobile Legends has multiple options on how she can clear waves, allowing her to either freeze a lane or clear it fast to push a turret. This is why a lot of players are looking to know the best Ixia build and revamped emblems as well as how to play her properly. However, she does lack mobility and can easily be countered.

Here is a Mobile Legends Ixia build guide, including her best items, revamped emblems, Battle Spells, and more.

Ixia skills in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick look at all the abilities of Ixia in MLBB;

Passive: Siphon Starlium

Ixia's Basic Attacks and skills apply a stack of Starlium Charge to enemies on hit. When Ixia performs a Basic Attack on an enemy with two stacks of Starlium Charge, the attack will consume the stacks and be replaced with Siphon Starlium, dealing Physical Damage to the target. Ixia recovers Health Points (HP) equal to the damage dealt by Siphon Starlium. Siphon Starlium can trigger on all enemies in front of Ixia that are within her Basic Attack range, but it cannot critically strike.

Ixia's Basic Attacks cannot trigger Lifesteal.

Skill 1: Dual Beam

Ixia fires 2 Starlium-charged energy beams along the ground in the target direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in a rectangular area and slowing enemy heroes. Upon hitting an enemy hero, Ixia also gains Movement Speed.

Enemies hit by both beams will take double damage.

Skill 2: Star Helix

Ixia launches a canister of Starlium energy in the target direction, knocking back nearby enemies, and pulling enemies in range to the center line after a short delay and deals Physical Damage.

Ultimate: Full Barrage

Ixia disassembles her weapon into smaller weapons and enters the Barrage state. In this state, Ixia's Basic Attacks and skills can hit enemies in a large fan-shaped area but not outside of it. Ixia's Basic Attacks can hit multiple enemies, and Siphon Starlium will fire simultaneously with her normal Basic Attacks.

Best Ixia Build in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended build for Ixia in MLBB;

Best Item Build for Ixia in Mobile Legends


  • Swift Boots - For extra Attack and Movement Speed.

  • Corrosion Scythe - Provides stackable damage boost as well as Movement Speed.

  • Sea Halberd - When dealing with healers or high sustain heroes. This item also increases damage against heroes with higher extra HP than Ixia.

  • Hunter Strike - For the extra Physical Penetration.

  • Malefic Roar - More Physical Penetration based on the enemy's defense.

  • Wind of Nature - Temporary immunity to Physical Damage.

  • Blade of Despair - Massive Physical Attack boost and increased damage to enemies below 50% HP.

  • Rose Gold Meteor - Bonus shield and Movement Speed when Ixia falls below 30% HP.

Best Ixia Emblem in Mobile Legends

Here is the recommended Revamped Emblem for Ixia in MLBB;

Best Ixia Emblem in Mobile Legends


Tier 1: Thrill - For the extra Adaptive Attack.

Tier 2: Tenacity - Provides extra defense as Ixia lacks mobility especially when using her Ultimate ability.

Tier 3: Quantum Charge - Increases movement when hitting enemies with Basic Attacks.

Best Battle Spell for Ixia in Mobile Legends

Ixia can make use of the following Battle Spells in MLBB;

  • Flicker - Extra mobility for Ixia.

  • Purify - When up against heavy-CC enemies.

  • Aegis - Not recommended but can be used to survive longer in lane or team fights, considering Ixia can't move while using her Ultimate.

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