MLBB x KOF '97 Patterns 2024: List of Bingo Patterns

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MLBB x KOF '97 Patterns 2024: List of Bingo Patterns


The ML KOF '97 Bingo event is set to be released on 24th April 2024.
The event will feature three new skins for Valir, Paquito, and Masha.
Here are the potential list of MLBB x KOF ‘97 patterns for reference.

A lot of players are curious about the  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) x King of Fighters (KOF) ‘97 Bingo Patterns for the 2024 event. 

This is due to the theory that the number patterns that players get can be predicted based on their previous pulls. A lot of fans suggest that the MLBB x KOF ‘97 Patterns are predetermined based on the first few numbers they rolled. 

However, players should keep in mind that Moonton is yet to confirm this information and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, here are the potential list of MLBB x KOF ‘97 patterns for reference.

List of possible MLBB x KOF ‘97 Bingo Patterns 2024

There currently are no known patterns for the MLBB x KOF ’97 bingo patterns. However, players can refer to the previous event for the possible number combinations;

  • 1-4-2-7

  • 1-5-3-9

  • 3-1-4-7

  • 5-4-2-8

  • 6-3-2-9

  • 8-7-4-9

  • 3-6-2-4-9

  • 6-3-2-4-9

  • 7-4-8-6-1

  • 9-8-6-4-3

  • 1-4-3-5-8-2

The list shall be updated when more information about the Mobile Legends KOF ‘97 Patterns has been revealed.

How to read the MLBB x KOF ‘97 Patterns

The sequence of numbers in the MLBB x KoF bingo event is dictated by your initial roll. For instance, if your first x10 pull yields the number 1 and the second number is 4, your subsequent numbers would be 2, and 6.

Achieving this sequence forms a bingo line, allowing you to claim one of the featured skins or a random Epic tier or higher skin.

How to read the MLBB x KOF ‘97 Patterns


During the Mobile Legends x King of Fighters '97 collaboration event, players earn a bingo number every 10 pulls. Completing a bingo line prioritizes limited-edition skins, ensuring players receive one if they haven't acquired them all. Otherwise, they secure an Epic tier or higher skin from the prize pool.

It's important to note that the MLBB KOF ‘97 Patterns for the event aren't officially confirmed as a reliable for predicting bingo numbers. Players might encounter alternative patterns not listed. Thus, it's advisable to approach this information with a grain of salt.

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