MLBB X Ducati Skin Collaboration Event: How to Get Free Epic Skin


MLBB X Ducati Skin Collaboration Event: How to Get Free Epic Skin

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The MLBB x Ducati event will feature two new skins for Irithel and Benedetta.
Players are guaranteed one Epic skin on the 10x Draw option.
Players can win one additional skin if they complete one Bingo line in the minigame.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) x Ducati collaboration event has been unveiled by data miners. This innovative collaboration introduces a skin series starring revered heroes Benedetta and Irithel, donning sleek racing ensembles as they speed through the battlefield on motorcycles. The release date of the MLBB x Ducati collaboration skins is yet to be revealed. For now, the event is only available on the advanced server where its mechanics and prize pool were revealed. The event also features a bingo minigame where players can get more skins on top of the draw event. Here is all you need to know about the MLBB x Ducati skin collaboration event and how to win a free Epic skin.

How to get free skins in the MLBB x Ducati event 

According to the data miner, Kazuki Official, the MLBB x Ducati collaboration event will feature two brand new skins for Irithel and Bendetta. The two skins can be acquired through a draw event or the bingo minigame. 

A 1x Draw costs 225 Diamonds while a 10x Draw costs 1,125 Diamonds. Pulling through the 10x Draw will guarantee at least one Epic tier or higher skin, including the Ducati collaboration skins. Players can enjoy a 50% discount on their first draw of the day.

Each 10x Draw will also earn players a ticket to the Bingo minigame where completing one straight line will earn them one of the Ducati skins. If they already own both of the collaboration skins, an Epic skin or higher tier will be given.

After completing one Bingo line, the board will reset and players will need to do more 10x Draw in order to complete another line.

Duplicate skins won in the MLBB x Ducati event will be converted into token fragments that can be exchanged for more skins, including the iconic Aspirants skin series. Here are the prices for each skin;

  • The Aspirants: 267 Token Fragment

  • Exclusive Epic Skins: 53 Tokens Fragment

  • Epic Skin: 24 Tokens Fragment

  • Special Skin: 20 Tokens Fragment

  • Elite Skin: 16 Tokens Fragment

  • Basic Skin: 7 Tokens Fragment

The release date of the MLBB x Ducati collaboration event is yet to be determined. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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