MLBB Magic Wheel Rework: How to Get Guaranteed Legendary Skin

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>MLBB Magic Wheel Rework: How to Get Guaranteed Legendary Skin</p></div>
MLBB Magic Wheel Rework: How to Get Guaranteed Legendary Skin



The MLBB Magic Wheel rework guarantees a Legendary skin after acquiring 200 Magic Cores.
The MLBB Magic Wheel also rewards players with other rewards such as a permanent her or fragment tokens.
Here is a guide on how to get a Legendary skin in the MLBB Magic Wheel revamp.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Magic Wheel rework has been released for quite some time. The feature introduced a new system that guarantees a Legendary Skin after a specific number of draws. All Magic Crystals and Points that players had have been converted to Magic Cores which shall serve as the new currency in the MLBB Magic Wheel rework. These tokens can be exchanged for various Legendary tier skins in the in-game exchange shop. Trail effects can also be acquired only after unlocking their respective skins. Here is a guide on how to get a guaranteed Legendary skin in the MLBB Magic Wheel rework.

How to get Legendary skin in MLBB Magic Wheel rework

Players are guaranteed to acquire one Legendary skin after acquiring a total of 200 Magic Cores in the MLBB Magic Wheel. These tokens can be acquired by simply drawing from the event. 

In addition to Magic Cores, players have the opportunity to obtain various other enticing items, such as Permanent Heroes, exclusive skins, recall effects, fragment tokens, and more. Let's delve into the breakdown of the drop rates within the prize pool;

  • Permanent Hero, Skin, Recall Effect - 2% Drop Chance

  • Fragments or Draw Tokens - 50% Drop Chance

  • Magic Dust - 28% Drop Chance

  • Magic Core - 20% Drop Chance

This revamped version of the MLBB Magic Wheel no longer guarantees a point per draw, unlike the previous version. However, this change doesn't diminish the value of the new currency as it offers a more rewarding experience, as players accumulate a substantial number of Magic Cores over time. These Magic Cores can be saved up and exchanged for the highly sought-after Legendary tier skins available in the exchange shop.

To participate in the event, players have two primary options: draw using the Magic Wheel Potion S or Crystal of Aurora, both of which can be obtained through various in-game events and bundles. The Starlight Membership and the Weekly Diamond Pass are excellent sources for acquiring these currencies.

While diamonds can also be used to draw from the revamped Magic Wheel, it's not the most cost-effective approach, as players can readily obtain Magic Wheel Potion S and Crystal of Aurora for free by participating in in-game events or purchasing bundles.

By exercising a bit of patience and strategy, dedicated players can eventually accumulate 200 Magic Cores, which can then be used to exchanged for a Legendary skin they've been eyeing within the MLBB Magic Wheel Rework.

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