MLBB 515 ALLSTAR Event: How to Get Free Skins



MLBB 515 ALLSTAR Event: How to Get Free Skins

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The MLBB 515 ALLSTAR event shall commence on 31st March.
The event features a ton of giveaways including free skins.
Moonton has provided players with a roadmap for the MLBB 515 ALLSTAR event.

The much-awaited Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 ALLSTAR event shall officially commence by the end of March 2023. The annual event shall feature a ton of exciting activities, map overhauls, and in-game giveaways that players can look forward to. On top of that, the K-pop group ITZY shall also be featured as a special guest to spice up the festivities. Players also stand a chance to acquire a ton of free skins in the MLBB 515 ALLSTAR event including one of the featured limited-edition skins. Moonton has unveiled an event roadmap that shows all the activities and what freebies players can expect for the month of March and April. 

How to win free skins in MLBB 515 ALLSTAR event 2023

One of the biggest annual events in MLBB - the 515 ALLSTAR event shall officially kick off on 31st March. Here are the release dates for all the activities arriving during the event:

  • ALLSTAR Last Encore - 31st March to 31st April

  • Purify Harmonia (Get Rafaela “Seraphic Selfie” For Free) - 31st March to 23rd April

  • Login and Claim Elite Skin Chest - 22nd to 24th April

  • Nostalgia Event (Choose One of Four Elite Skins) - 29th April to 14th May

MLBB 515 ALLSTAR Roadmap


Aside from the free skins, players can also claim a ton of in-game accessories during specific days;

  • ALLSTAR Graffiti (Upon Login) - 1st to 3rd April 

  • Ramadan Surprise Gift (Avatar Border) - 22nd March to 4th April

  • ALLSTAR Recall Effect (Upon Login) - 15th - 17th April

  • Rafaela Exclusive Emote (Rafaela's Live Stream) - 21st to 31st March

  • ALLSTAR Spawn Effect (Purify Harmonia Event) - 31st March to 23rd April

  • ALLSTAR Avatar Border - 4th to 17th April

MLBB 515 ALLSTAR Event Rewards


MLBB 515 ALLSTAR Exclusive Skins

Here are the new exclusive skins that can only be acquired through the event:

  • Miya “Atomic Pop”

  • Eudora “Atomic Pop”

  • Rafaela “Seraphic Selfie”

  • Hanabi “Moonlit Ninja”

Take note that these skins may not be obtainable after the event concludes, at least until the next MLBB 515 event arrives next year.

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