M4 Guess Web Event: How to Win Prizes up to 1 Million Diamonds


M4 Guess Web Event: How to Win Prizes up to 1 Million Diamonds

John Dave Rossel
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The M4 Guess Web Event tasks players with predicting the outcome of the M4 World Championship matches.
The event will be divided into the Group Stage and Knockout Stage predictions.
Players will earn tokens through the event which can be used to draw for a chance to win permanent skins in MLBB.

The M4 Guess Web Event has been officially announced featuring rewards worth 1 million diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The web event tasks players with guessing the outcome of each match in the M4 World Championship to win rewards such as M4 Coins, Permanent Skins, and more. The M4 Guess Web Event is divided into two segments; the Group Stage and the Knockout Stage. Each MLBB account can only submit predictions in the event once per tournament stage. The M4 Guess Web Event Group Stage prediction is open for all players until 1st January 2023. Once the first part of the event ends, players will have to wait for the Knockout Stage to further participate.

How to join the M4 Guess Web Event 

Interested players can head to the official event website through the link provided. An MLBB account is needed in order to participate in the event.

Players will have to submit their predictions on which two teams from each group will proceed to the upper or winner’s bracket in the Knockout Stage.

Players who can’t decide on which teams they think would secure the upper bracket can choose to select randomly through the Quick Select button.

Predict the upper bracket teams in the M4 Guess Event.

These event tokens can be used for a draw which give players a chance to win permanent MLBB skins or M4 Coins. More tokens can be acquired when the M4 World Championship officially starts this 1st January 2023. Players will have to stay tuned and return to the web event when the tournament kicks off.

Get permanent MLBB skins in the M4 Guess Event.

The permanent skins that can be acquired in the draw event are as follows;

M4 Epic Skin Chest

  • Eyes of Eternity Lunox

  • V.E.N.O.M. Angela

  • Soul Revelation Gusion

M4 Elite Skin Chest

  • Viper Hanabi

  • Kannagi Vale

  • The Illusionist Cecilion

M4 Permanent Skin Chest

  • Celestial Safeguard Edith

  • Springtide Floryn

  • Time Wielder Natan

The M4 Guess Web Event Knockout Stage prediction will open on 4th - 6th January 2023. For now, players will have to wait and watch the upcoming M4 World Championship to see which teams will secure the upper bracket of the tournament.

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