M4 Battle Night Event: How to Win Free Epic Skins in MLBB



M4 Battle Night Event: How to Win Free Epic Skins in MLBB

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The M4 Battle Night rewards players with a free skin up to Epic tier.
The event will run until 22nd January.
Players can also earn M4 Pass XP through the event.

The M4 Battle Night Event is currently ongoing and offers fans the opportunity to win free skins up to Epic tier in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Players are tasked with completing event missions in order to earn enough points to upgrade the prize pool to giveaway higher tier skins which can be acquired after the event has concluded. Various Battle Bonuses can also be acquired in the event daily that can help players earn more resources just by playing matches in MLBB. The daily bonus refreshes every day for a random perk and can only be used for a limited amount of time.

How to get Epic skins in the M4 Battle Night Event

The event is pretty straightforward and simple. Players will only need to complete Party Week Tasks to earn enough points to upgrade their rewards box. Players can also earn M4 Pass XP through the daily tasks to level up their Battle Pass.

M4 Battle Night Event in MLBB will last until 22nd January.

How to get Epic skins in the M4 Battle Night Event


Here are the daily tasks that players need to complete;

  • Recharge 100 Diamonds Today  - 100 points

  • Spend 100 Diamonds Today

  • Log in to the game

  • Daily Share

  • Complete 1 Match

  • Complete 1 Match with friends

  • Activate any M4 Pass (Does not Reset)

Players can also temporarily get Battle Bonus buffs that refresh daily. The buffs available include a 100% boost to EXP, Star-Raising Points, Protection Points, and Team Star Protection. Only one of the buffs can be active at a time.

Players who earned enough points to upgrade their Battle Night Chest to level five can acquire one of the following Epic skins in MLBB:

  • Wizardry Teacher Alice

  • Stellaris Ghost Lesley

  • Imperial Assassin Akai

  • Child of the Fall Alucard

  • Sentinel Gatotkaca

  • Skyblocker Kaja

Aside from the M4 Battle Night Event, the M4 Pass is currently ongoing featuring the Light Chaser Beatrix skin and the Prime tier skin Stellar Brilliance Beatrix. These skins are exclusive to the M4 Pass and may not be made available anytime soon.

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