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BGMI has several characters such as Victor, Lorenzo, Andy, Sara, Riley and Carlo.
Players can purchase these characters with the help of UC or character vouchers.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers its players multiple features. It has various types of weapons, vehicles, gun skins and characters. There are several female and male characters in BGMI. Each character is unique with their own voice lines, costume skins and accessories.

List of characters in BGMI

There are several characters in BGMI. Each character is unique in their own way and provides special abilities. Players are awarded with two characters when they make an account in BGMI and if they want more characters they can do so by purchasing them in-game.

These are the characters in BGMI:

Lorenzo: The Lorenzo character in BGMI is known for his survival abilities. His default costume is made up of grass and he can easily camouflage himself in any terrain and surprise his enemies to eliminate them.



Carlo: Carlo is a bounty hunter character in BGMI. One of his features is that he takes less fall damage compared to other characters and is perfect for players who like to play on hilly regions.



Victor: Victor is the oldest character in the game. He is known for being a master of Submachine Guns (SMGs). The character can be redeemed for free. His unique ability is that he takes less time to reload his SMGs in the Evo Ground mode.



Laith: Laith is the master tactician in BGMI. He is best suited for players who strive to complete problems in the simplest and the most effective way.



Sophia: The Sophia character in BGMI is a tech mercenary. She uses advanced devices to scan compartments and secret areas for enemies.



Riley: Riley is an outdoor survival expert in BGMI. He is known for having storage of supplies with him. His backpack capacity is such that it can hold supplies in large amounts.



Andy: Andy is one of the most popular characters in the game. His unique emotes were one of the reasons for his popularity. His character in the game is a magician and is a master of all the guns. His skills are only effective in certain Evo Ground modes but not in the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode.



Sara: The Sara character in BGMI is known for being a vehicle expert. She can drive vehicles without taking much damage. Her skills are only effective in certain Evo Ground modes but not in the TDM mode.



The skills of the characters in BGMI don’t work in competitive mode and are functional only in the Evo Ground mode. Players who want to own certain characters can do so by purchasing them with the help of Unknown Cash (UC), which is the in-game currency in BGMI. Players can also get discounts while purchasing characters if they have enough character vouchers.

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