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Krafton Introduces Power Play Event in BGMI: Check How to Win Exciting Free Rewards

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BGMI is giving a free, permanent cricket jersey through the Power Play event.
Players can also obtain a Fluffy Rabbit Hat, RP Points, and even classic and supply crate coupon scraps by playing the event

Alongside the ongoing Indian Premier League(IPL) 2022, Krafton is giving away a free and permanent cricket jersey to Battlegrounds Mobile India players through the Power Play Event in BGMI. Players can also obtain a Fluffy Rabbit Hat, RP Points, and even classic and supply crate coupon scraps by playing BGMI and completing specific challenges in-game till May 25. Here is how players can acquire the exclusive outfit as well as a number of other rewards available during the BGMI Power Play Event.

How to Win the Cricket Jersey in the BGMI Power Play Event?

The BGMI Power Play event introduces a new in-game commodity called ‘Cricket Bats’ that can be acquired by completing challenges, and can in-turn be exchanged for the exclusive jersey outfit and other rewards in the game including the Fluffy Rabbit Hat, RP Points and supply crate coupon scraps.

Users can complete daily and weekly missions to earn these necessary Cricket Bats. Currently, the two challenges needed to win “Cricket Bats” are the “Keep Swimming” and “Power Play Battle” challenges.

Finishing the specified challenges in these events will reward players with Cricket Bats, which can then be exchanged to win multiple rewards such as the aforementioned Cricket Jersey, the Fluffy Rabbit Set, and more.

To get the permanent rewards, you'll need to collect the following number of bats.

  • 100 bats- Cricketer Jersey

  • 100 bats- Fluffy Rabbit Hat

  • 20 bats- 50 RP

  • 10 bats- 1 classic crate coupon scrap

  • 5 bats- Supply crate coupon scrap

BGMI Power Play Event


How to Get Cricket Bats?

There are two different methods in the game through which players can obtain cricket bats in the BGMI Power Play Event.

First Method: Keep Swimming

  • Win 1 bat every day by swimming 10 meters in classic mode

  • Win 5 bats every day by swimming 30 meters in classic mode

Second Method: Power Play Battle

  • Win 10 bats by playing classic mode 5 times

  • Win 30 bats by playing classic mode 15 times

  • Win 50 bats by playing classic mode 25 times

Once players have enough Bats to claim the Cricket Jersey, they can do so from the BGMI Power Play page in-game. The Cricket Jersey is only redeemable inside the game.

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