Jump Shot Techniques to Rule 1v1s in BGMI & PUBG Mobile



Jump Shot Techniques to Rule 1v1s in BGMI & PUBG Mobile

Ahsan Kabir
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Master the Art of Jump Shots for Surprise comebacks in Close Range Fights.

Jump shots in BGMI or PUBG Mobile are a crucial move that can change the course of any close range fight. But being able to connect your bullets while stuck mid-air is a skill not even the pros are able to master fully. In this guide, we will share techniques on how to use jump shots to quickly correct your aim and make it much harder for enemies to shoot back at you.

Top Jump Shot Tricks and Techniques in BGMI and PUBG

1. Don't Over Control Your Aim During Jump Shots

Most players try to actively control their aim while jump shooting. This causes them to miss a lot of shots. Meanwhile, the enemy can use jiggle movements and easily shoot back.

Instead, you should use jump shots primarily to let the game automatically correct your aim. When jump shooting, your aim naturally gets pulled to one side by the game's mechanics. Use this to your advantage.

2. Jump Right if Crosshair is Left of Enemy, Jump Left if Crosshair is Right

Let the jump shot do the work of adjusting your aim - don't over control it yourself. If your crosshair is to the left of the enemy, jump to the right. If your crosshair is to the right of the enemy, jump to the left. Just make small adjustments after the jump. This will greatly improve your accuracy.

By mastering this trick, you'll be able to easily headshot enemies in close quarters fights. But jump shots alone aren't enough.

3. Utilize Movement and Timing Along with Jump Shots

You need to develop good timing and movement skills to maximize jump shots. Particularly, move in one direction, then use a quick jump shot in the other direction when you get in close with the enemy.

This is extremely effective because when you suddenly change movement directions and jump shot, it completely throws off the enemy's aim. They will struggle to track you, allowing you to land easy shots.

4. Apply & Improvise

Jump shooting out of windows is a awesome trick to surprise enemies inside buildings! Normally you would just throw grenades out of windows. But you can actually jump to shoot inside in FPP perspective. Enemies inside buildings won't expect you can shoot from these angles. Catch them by surprise and rack up some easy kills.

We hope that you found these PUBG Mobile jump shooting tips helpful! Try applying them in your next few matches and watch your performance skyrocket. In the meantime, you can also check out more of our BGMI Guides here.

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