Is the BGMI A2 Royale Pass Worth Buying?

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The new A2 Royale Pass offers some of the best weapon skins and character costumes till date.
The A2 Royale Pass has an upgradable weapon skin and this is the first time such a weapon skin has been introduced in the Royale Pass.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has some of the most amazing cosmetics, weapon skins and character skins. Krafton has made sure to make every Royale Pass unique and interesting with some fantastic rewards. The recently concluded A1 Royale Pass impressed fans and they were wondering if the new Royale Pass could live up to their expectations. The new A2 Royale Pass offers some amazing costumes and skins like the Surfside Sweetheart set, Vogue Surfer skin, Marine Evolution - UMP45 (lvl.1) and the Serene Rapture set.

Poolside Floatie - Honey Badger


Is the A2 Royale Pass worth buying?

The new Royale Pass has 100 levels and each level offers different rewards. The rewards for the A2 Royale Pass are unique compared to the A1 Royale Pass rewards. 

These are some of the Level wise rewards in the A2 Royale Pass:

  • Rank 1: Surfside Sweetheart Set and Surfside Sweetheart Cover.

  • Rank 2: Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 3: 80 UC (Unknown Cash).

  • Rank 7 : 40 UC.

  • Rank 10: Vogue Surfer SKS.

  • Rank 13: 40 UC.

  • Rank 15: Blissful Beachfront Finish (Plane skin).

  • Rank 17: 20 UC.

  • Rank 20: Rainbow Blitz Helmet.

  • Rank 23: 20 UC.

  • Rank 27: 20 UC.

  • Rank 30: Poolside Floatie - Honey Badger skin.

  • Rank 33: 20 UC.

  • Rank 35: Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 37: 40 UC.

  • Rank 40: Vogue Surfer Set and Bogue Surfer Cover.

  • Rank 43: 40 UC.

  • Rank 47: 40 UC.

  • Rank 50: Marine Evolution - UMP45 (lvl.1).

  • Rank 51: Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 52: 250 RP points.

  • Rank 53: 80 UC.

  • Rank 55: Sweet Kiss AMR skin.

  • Rank 57: 40 UC.

  • Rank 60: Gemshell Backpack.

  • Rank 63: 40 UC.

  • Rank 65: Dazed Dreamicorn Ornament.

  • Rank 67: 20 UC.

  • Rank 68: Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 70: Sweet Kiss Buggy skin.

  • Rank 73: 20 UC.

  • Rank 77: 20 UC.

  • Rank 80: Donut Rush Stun Grenade skin.

  • Rank 83: 20 UC.

  • Rank 85: Modification Material Piece.

  • Rank 87: 40 UC.

  • Rank 90: Electric Disco - AKM.

  • Rank 93: 40 UC.

  • Rank 97: 40 UC.

  • Rank 100: Serene Rapture Set (lvl.1).

Marine Evolution - UMP45 (lvl.1)


The most interesting addition to the A2 Royale Pass is the Marine Evolution - UMP45 (lvl.1). This is the first time an upgradable weapon skin has been added to the Royale pass. Other than the UMP45, the Serene Rapture Set stands out among all.

Vogue Surfer Set and Cover


Serene Rapture Set (lvl.1)

Players can purchase the A2 Royale Pass from 3rd October. It can be purchased in two forms. For the monthly version of the Royale Pass the price is 360 UC, while purchasing the whole Royale Pass at once will cost 720 UC. There are two more variants of the Royale Pass also known as Elite Pass. The monthly version for the Elite pass can be purchased for 960 UC and purchasing the Elite Pass together for month one and two will cost 1920 UC.

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