Is Codashop Legit for Genshin Impact Primogems

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Is Codashop Legit for Genshin Impact Primogems


Numerous fake virtual credit websites attempt to scam unwary players by obtaining their personal data.
Players can rest assure that Codashop is one of the trusted virtual credits provider for Genshin Impact Primogems.
Using Codashop to purchase Genshin Impact Primogems is easy with their step-by-step procedure.

“Is Codashop legit for Genshin Impact Primogems?” is a common query among players seeking to buy in-game Primogems online. Codashop, a prominent virtual credit provider in Asia, offers players the opportunity to purchase in-game currencies or the Blessing of the Welkin Moon at discounted prices through their official website. These Primogems are crucial for making wishes on character and weapon banners within Genshin Impact. Additionally, Codashop frequently announces special promotions, granting players the chance to secure substantial discounts on in-game diamonds and other virtual credits across multiple games. Trust Codashop for reliable and convenient access to Genshin Impact Primogems and elevate your gaming experience.

Are Genshin Impact Codashop Primogems legit?

Rest assured, Codashop is a trusted and reliable platform for acquiring Genshin Impact Primogems. It's crucial to be cautious of fraudulent websites that aim to deceive players and obtain their personal information. Safeguard yourself by restricting your online purchases to reputable stores such as Codashop.

How to use Codashop in Geshin Impact

  • Visit the official Codashop website. Take note that the website may vary according to each country.

  • Select the Genshin Impact game from the list of available games.

  • Choose the server or region that corresponds to your game account.

  • Select a desired amount or package of Primogems.

  • You can also use Codashop to purchase Blessing of the Welkin Moon for Genshin Impact. The price is currently cheaper than compared to the in-game shop.

  • Enter your in-game username or player UID. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of the information.

Your player ID can be found in your profile details.


  • Select your preferred payment method.

  • Follow the instructions provided by Codashop to complete the payment process securely.

  • Once the payment is confirmed, Codashop will process your purchase, and the Primogems will be added to your Genshin Impact account.

Take note that the Primogems may take time to arrive in your Genshin Impact account. If you haven’t received your purchase within 5 minutes, you can contact the official Codashop support.

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