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How to Unlock the Makarov Pistol in COD Mobile

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Here’s how you can unlock the Makarov Pistol in COD Mobile in four easy steps.
The default Makarov is a very solid option for a secondary weapon but you can also dual wield it.

The Makarov was first showcased in the original Black Ops (2010) and then it also featured in Modern Warfare (2019) and also on Black Ops Cold War (2020), finally making its way to Call of Duty (COD): Mobile as a part of the Season Four content drop. If you are wondering how to unlock the Makarov Pistol in COD: Mobile, here’s a step-by-step guide which you can use to obtain the weapon.

How to Unlock the Makarov

The Makarov is not a part of any purchasable bundle or even the Battle Pass which means the only way to obtain it is by completing a challenge called the Sidearm Scuffle. This event features six different tasks. Upon completing them, you unlock in-game items and  XP for your battle pass along with the Makarov Pistol and shards for a skin called Seraph the fallen fiend (although you might have to spend more shards to acquire the skin)

Task - 1: Kill 5 enemies with your pistol


  •  200 credits

  • 1,000 Battle Pass XP

Task - 2: Earn the Double Kill Medal three times in Multiplayer mode


  • [Shard] Seraph - Fallen Fiend (Epic camo) - 20 units

  • 1,000 Battle Pass XP

Task - 3: Kill ten enemies with any pistol equipped with the Agile Perk in Multiplayer mode


  • Five Weapon XP Cards

  • 2,000 Battle Pass XP

Task - 4: Kill 15 enemies with any pistol equipped with three attachments in Multiplayer mode


  • .50 GS - Bewitching (Rare camo)

  • 3,000 Battle Pass XP

Task -5:Win two Multiplayer matches with any pistol equipped


  • The Makarov pistol

  • 3,000 Battle Pass XP

After completing task five, you should be able to see the Makarov in your inventory and you are allowed to use and make changes to it, just like every other weapon in the game. However, there is also an additional task which would give you a silver crate coupon and 4,500 Battle Pass XP upon killing 10 enemies with the Makarov.

How good is the Makarov in-game?

Makarov seems to be really good in-game due to its ability to kill a player in 3 hits. There are also weapon mods like increasing the mag size and the perk Akimbo which makes the Makarov deadly in close combat.

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