How To Set Support Characters In Honkai Star Rail

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Honkai Star Rail


Honkai Star Rail allows you to assign one support character for your friends and random players to use.
The support system can only be used for specific activities and it cannot be used in Memory of Chaos, Simulated Universe or in the main story.
You can earn credits by having a support character that is used by players regularly.

Honkai Star Rail does not feature any co-op but that does not stop you from getting help from other players. There is a Support system in place that allows you to borrow a character from other players to help you clear content. You can also set one character from your roster on your profile that others can borrow. If you do not know how to set support characters in Honkai Star Rail, here’s how you can use it to your advantage.

Honkai Star Rail: How to set a support character

Here’s how you can add or change a support character on your profile: 

  1. Go to the character menu by pressing the Esc key or the smartphone icon

  2. Click on the three dots net to your name 

  3. Click on Pathfinder Profile 

  4. Click on Support Character

  5. Choose one of your characters or replace your existing support character

  6. Exit the menu

When other players use your characters, you get some credits. 

How to use support characters in Honkai Star Rail

If you want to use other players’ support characters, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Launch any activity that requires Traiblaze Power

  2. On the fourth slot of your party, you can click on the Support button

  3. Choose a character you want to borrow 

  4. Complete the activity and repeat it as many times as you want 

Do note that not all activities allow you to use support characters. There are no downsides to using support characters and if you do not have access to leveled units, using supports can help a lot. If you are struggling with content even with supports, we recommend focusing on ascending your characters and raising their talent/trace levels.

Remember to claim any credits that you earn from your support units from your Trailblazer profile and if you have a well-built unit that a lot of players borrow, you can get quite a bit of credits for Honkai Star Rail account.

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