How to Get Free UC in BGMI (2023)


How to Get Free UC in BGMI 2023: 3 Easy Ways

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There are safe and legitimate ways to get free UC in BGMI after its relaunch, that you should capitalize on.
Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most reliable ways to earn Google Play Store Balance.
Participating in giveaways and events can also be a great way to earn Elite Passes and UC.

Unknown Cash (UC) is the premium currency in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which allows players to acquire exclusive in-game cosmetics, unlock the Elite Pass, and access various other premium features. Usually, you have to purchase UC from the in-game store to obtain these items.

It is essential to be cautious of websites or platforms that claim to provide free UC as they are often unreliable and may pose a threat to your device's security. These unauthorized sources often come with the risk of malware, scams, or compromising your personal information.

By only using trusted methods and utilizing the provided opportunities, you can earn UC safely and enjoy the benefits it brings to your BGMI experience. By following these methods, you can get free UC without compromising your account or device security.

How to Get Free UC in BGMI After Relaunch

Google Opinion Rewards

This is an app by Google that gives you access to occasional surveys that you can complete to get rewards. They can offer varying amounts of money for each survey but you can expect anything between 2 INR to 200 INR for each survey with most surveys offering close to 5 INR. The surveys are released based on your profile and activity on the app so the experience will vary from user to user.

The money you earn is deposited into your Google Play Balance which you can use to make in-game purchases on any app from the Play Store. So you can use this to purchase UC within BGMI, essentially for free.

Google Opinion Rewards


Many popular content creators host giveaways for Elite Passes and UC so if you are active in the content creation community and watch a lot of creators, you should keep an eye out for giveaways that could net you some in-game rewards.

BGMI Elite Pass

Content Creator Events

Some creators host tournaments for their fans where you can compete to win in-game prizes. If you have the chops to be a good BGMI player and think you are better than the average BGMI fan, do participate in events hosted by streamers to stand a chance to win free UC in BGMI.

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