How to Claim Manic Maharaja Set and the Golden Chakri Desert Eagle in Free Fire?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Claim Manic Maharaja Set and the Golden Chakri Desert Eagle in Free Fire Diwali Ring?</p></div>
How to Claim Manic Maharaja Set and the Golden Chakri Desert Eagle in Free Fire Diwali Ring?


Free Fire

Dive into Free Fire MAX's Diwali Ring event to win the exclusive Manic Maharaja bundle.
Use diamonds for spins; grab the Golden Chakri Desert Eagle and themed prizes until 17th November.
Exchange Universal Ring tokens for top-tier rewards like the Roaring Protector gloo wall.

As the festival of lights unfolds, Free Fire MAX players on the Indian server have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the spirit of Diwali through a vibrant new event. The much-anticipated "Diwali Ring" event is now live, bringing with it a host of themed items, including the eagerly awaited Manic Maharaja bundle. With the launch, players can also vie for the Golden Chakri Desert Eagle, the Roaring Protector gloo wall, and the Dark Destroyer bundle, amongst others. Participation in this premium event requires players to spend diamonds, the in-game currency.

Free Fire Diwali Ring Event Details

The Diwali-themed event kicked off on 4th November, in Free Fire MAX and will run through till 17th November. Within this event, players are invited to use diamonds to initiate spins that randomly award prizes from an exclusive collection of rewards. The coveted Manic Maharaja outfit is the grand prize, and players have a two-week window to try their luck or invest in spins for a chance to win. A single spin is priced at 10 diamonds, while a bundle of 11 spins offers a slight discount at 100 diamonds.

Diverse Rewards to Be Won

A diverse array of rewards is up for grabs in the prize pool, including:

  • Manic Maharaja Bundle

  • Golden Chakri Desert Eagle

  • Roaring Protector gloo wall

  • Dark Destroyer bundle

  • Universal Ring tokens

While the event is based on chance, players can utilize Universal Ring tokens to exchange for their preferred items. An exchange interface is available for players to redeem their tokens for specific rewards, as outlined below:

  • 200 Tokens: Manic Maharaja Bundle

  • 175 Tokens: Golden Chakri Desert Eagle

  • 175 Tokens: Roaring Protector gloo wall

  • 150 Tokens: Dark Destroyer bundle

  • 60 Tokens: More Universal Ring tokens

  • 40 Tokens: Tiger Claw Backpack

  • 30 Tokens: The Last Roar loot box

How to Engage with the Diwali Ring Event

To take part in the festivities and claim your prizes, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Free Fire MAX and navigate to the Diwali Ring event in the Luck Royale section.

  2. Use your diamonds to perform spins and collect items. Remember to redeem your tokens for additional rewards as you go along.

The Diwali Ring event in Free Fire MAX presents an exciting opportunity for players to collect exclusive items and celebrate Diwali within the game. With a stroke of luck and some diamonds, players can enhance their experience with festive-themed gear.

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