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How Much Does Syndicate Gold Cost in Apex Legends Mobile

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Syndicate Gold is a premium currency in Apex Legends Mobile that you can purchase for real money.
The cheapest Syndicate Gold bundle in Apex Legends Mobile starts at $4.49 and it goes up to $129.99.
The currency can be used to unlock a number of items in-game including premium skins and battle passes.

Apex Legends Mobile is set to launch on 17th May and it is shaping up to be a promising title for Android and iOS devices. While Apex Legends Mobile retains a lot of the gameplay elements from its PC and console counterparts, the game’s monetization system has been reworked. Instead of Apex Coins, players can purchase Syndicate Coins and there are other in-game currencies as well.

What is Syndicate Gold in Apex Legends Mobile?

Syndicate Gold is used to purchase the battle pass, open crates, get weapon and legend skins, and unlock other items. The currency can be purchased with real money.

In addition to Syndicate Gold Coins, there are other currencies in the game that you need to know about as well.

Flux Coins: Flux coins can be earned by completing challenge missions, events, milestones, and battle pass quests. Flux coins can be used to purchase legend skins, weapon skins, crafting items, trackers, emotes, and other cosmetic items.

Vault Tokens: The game has lucky draws for random items and you can use Vault Tokens to participate in them. Vault Tokens can be purchased with Syndicate Gold and they can also be earned.

Price of Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Coins

Here are the prices of Apex Legends Mobile Syndicate Coins in India and in the US.

  • 280 Syndicate Gold - $4.49 USD or INR 269

  • 935 Syndicate Gold - $14.99 USD or INR 899

  • 1870 Syndicate Gold - $26.99 USD or INR1,699

  • 2340 Syndicate Gold - $32.99 USD or INR 4,099

  • 9365 Syndicate Gold - $129.99 USD or INR 7,900

There are top-up bonuses that are available as well as “free gifts” which incentivize players to purchase the premium currency. As it stands Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play game and there is no need to make any purchases. You do not need to purchase anything to play the game.

If you really want to support the developers or want skins or battle passes that you like, you can choose to purchase Syndicate Gold in Apex Legends Mobile. There are a number of scam websites already that claim to offer Syndicate Gold for free or cheap and you should be careful about them and spend your money on the official stores only.

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