How Many Fans Does Free Fire Have in the World?

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Free Fire


Free Fire is one the most popular battle royale mobile games in the world due to its quick gameplay, survival mechanics, and tactical aspects.
Free Fire is played worldwide and it bears large user bases in the Indian and Brazilian region.

Free Fire released in 2017 and immediately climbed to fame as one of the most popular battle royale mobile games. It has become one of the primary representatives of the battle royale genre pitting dozens of players against each other until only one survives and achieves victory. Its quick gameplay, survival mechanics, and tactical aspects are the reasons for its popularity.

The game's ease of use, combined with the low hardware requirements required to operate it, contributed considerably to its widespread popularity. Garena has also continued to update and develop the game throughout the years, offering new game modes, character skins, weaponry, and seasonal events to keep players interested and thrilled.

How many fans does Free Fire have?

Free Fire has become an important part of the lives of many players, resulting in a vibrant and involved community. Streamers and YouTubers also contributed to the game's success by live broadcasting their matches and creating related material, which served to increase the game's fan base even more.

Free Fire surpassed 150 million active users way back in 2021 and since then its active user base has inevitably increased. It also surpassed 1 billion downloads worldwide and became one of the most downloaded mobile games in history, which says a lot about the game. It had 80 million daily users in 2020. Currently, in August 2023 Free Fire had 195,708,068 monthly players and 13,047,205 daily players.

These are the active users of Free Fire as of August 2023 according to activeplayer:

The viewership along with its player base has also increased significantly. Free Fire saw its highest viewership in 2021 in the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore with over 5,415,990 viewers. Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia saw about 2,566,046 viewers tune in. The Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio saw 2,016,157 viewers.
Here are the Free Fire events viewer statistics according to Esports charts:

Before Free Fire’s ban in India in 2022 statistics show that:

  • Out of the top 100 Garena Free Fire streamers on YouTube Gaming in 2021, 31 were from India, with over 128 million hours streamed. 

  • Brazil had the second highest number of streamers at 30, with 157 million hours streamed. 

  • The top Indian Free Fire streamer, Gyan Gaming, had almost 18.3 million hours watched in 2021, with 103,000 peak concurrent viewers.

As of 2023 the active user base of Free Fire has surpassed 187 million users and is on the increase. After its ban in India in 2022, Free Fire may return in 2023.

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