Honkai Star Rail: Should You Give Up the Astral Express Messenger?

Abhimannu Das
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Honkai Star Rail


The Messenger is a mysterious character who helps you unlock the Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail.
The Fleeting Lights mission lets you choose between keeping the Messenger's secret or revealing her existence on the train.
Outside of a few dialogue changes, your choice will not affect your playthrough.

The Messenger is a mysterious character who shows up as part of the Fleeting Lights mission. Players unlock the mission after reaching Trailblaze Level 21 or above and it is a mandatory quest if you want to unlock the Forgotten Hall, which is the equivalent of Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss. If you are wondering if you should give up the Messenger or tell the truth to other members of the crew, here’s what you need to know about it.

There are no consequences to giving up the Messenger in Honkai Star Rail

The quest does not have any consequences and only few lines of dialogue change as you progress the story. Here’s a quick rundown of how events transpire depending on your choices: 

  1. As soon as you head inside the train, talk to Pom-Pom and trigger the quest dialogue.

  2. Roam around the area and you will discover a mysterious mirror that you can interact with.

  3. Interact with the mirror twice or talk to Himeko, Welt or Pom-Pom after interacting once. This is an inconsequential decision.

  4. The Messenger will appear and you can do a quick run of the first stage of the Forgotten Hall.

  5. After clearing the first floor, you can leave and complete the quest.

  6. You can decide to inform the crew about the Messenger’s existence or hide her presence altogether.

If you promise to tell the Messenger that you will not reveal her identity but break her trust anyway, she will simply erase the memory of your crew and will be upset with you. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, it does not affect your rewards or the story progression of the game.

We recommend completing the Messenger’s quest in Honkai Star Rail as soon as you can and clear at least Floor 3. This will give you access to a free 4-star character and also get you 200 Stellar Jade for each floor that you clear. You will not be able to progress very far if you do not have the right gear and leveled characters so don’t worry if you can’t clear all of the Forgotten Hall early in your playthrough.

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