Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Banners: Luocha, Yukong and Silver Wolf Confirmed!

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Luocha - Honkai Star Rail


Luocha, Silver Wolf and Yukong are expected to debut in Honkai Star Rail's patch 1.1 in June.
Silver Wolf is a Nihility character who specializes in debuffs while Luocha can cleanse debuffs and heal allies.
Yukong is a 4-star character who will debut on one of the banners next patch.

Honkai Star Rail is one of the most successful video game launches of 2023 and a lot of players have already successfully obtained Seele, and are waiting for future characters. Hoyoverse has already commenced its infamous “drip marketing” and has given us a sneak peek at what the next patch’s banners will be like. It looks like Luocha, Yukon and Silver Wolf will be debuting next patch as playable characters. If you are wondering if you should pull for any of them, here’s a breakdown of the upcoming Honkai Star Rail 1.1 banners.

Honkai Star Rail 1.1 Banners List

Luocha and Silver Wolf are the two 5-stars while Yukong is expected to be a 4-star unit.


Luocha is an Imaginary healer, who can dispel debuffs and also deal some decent damage. You can see his gameplay right now if you play the main campaign of Honkai Star Rail. He joins as a Story character during some of Den Heng’s quest and you get to see what his kit looks like. 

With Memory of Chaos requiring you to have two teams, Luocha might be a good pickup if you don’t have a second healer aside from Natasha on your account. During this stage of the game, it is recommended to go for supports instead of DPS characters as support units typically stay relevant in the meta long-term while DPS units may sometimes fall off.

Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is expected to be one of the best debuffers in the game when she launches. She can shred the resistance of any element, and significantly boost your team’s damage output. Her design is based on Haxxor Bunny from Honkai Impact 3rd and we should know more about her backstory in the next patch. 

If you have a solid Hunt character like Yanqing or Seele, Silver Wolf might be a great pickup for your account. Her debuffs are single-target and having a single-target damage dealer is recommended to take advantage of her kit.


We have no information about Yukong currently as she was not available in previous closed beta tests. All we know is that she is a 4-star character and should be available in either Silver Wolf or Luocha’s banner. 

When Honkai Star Rail’s 1.1 banners drop, you should try out the characters in the test runs before deciding on going for any of the 5-stars. 

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