Guide to Avoiding Common Mistakes in Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Matches


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Guide to Avoiding Common Mistakes in Free Fire Clash Squad Ranked Matches

Ahsan Kabir
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Master Free Fire's Clash Squad Rank matches by navigating common pitfalls.

One of the primary reasons many players lose matches in Clash Squad Rank is due to common mistakes made during the game. This guide aims to highlight these mistakes and offers solutions on how to avoid them.

Mistakes to Avoid in Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Pushing

1. Being Attacked from Behind

  • Issue: Many players get knocked down or eliminated because they're attacked from the back.

  • Solution:

    • Always stay alert and be aware of both the front and the back.

    • Use location-detecting characters like Clue or Auto.

    • Use the Freelook button or jump and slide the screen to check your surroundings.

2. Using Outdated Character Combinations

  • Issue: Players often use the same character combination from the previous season without adjusting for updates.

  • Solution:

    • Keep updated with the latest patch notes to know which characters got nerfed or buffed.

    • Adjust your character combination based on the recent changes.

    • Stay informed about gun updates as well.

3. Not Using Covers Properly

  • Issue: Players jump out of covers, making them more vulnerable.

  • Solution:

    • Instead of jumping out, slide out a little, shoot, and then slide back in.

    • Use the cover to your advantage and minimize exposure.

4. Playing in Unfamiliar Maps

  • Issue: Playing in unknown territories can be disadvantageous.

  • Solution:

    • Familiarize yourself with new maps in classic matches before entering ranked matches.

    • If you dislike certain maps, consider deleting them to avoid them in rotation.

5. Rushing Aggressively Without a Plan

  • Issue: Players often rush enemies without considering the consequences of their actions.

  • Solution:

    • Think one or two steps ahead before making a move.

    • If aggressive rushing isn't working, consider flanking or taking a higher position to snipe.

    • Adapt your rushing style based on the match and your teammates.

Rushing Aggressively Without a Plan in Free Fire

Free Fire

6. Not Using Optimal Character Combinations

  • Issue: Some character combinations are more potent than others, especially in current meta.

  • Solution:

    • Stay updated on dominant characters, like Sonia and Dimitri.

    • Ensure your character combination can counter dominant characters in the game.

Avoiding these common mistakes can significantly improve your gameplay and chances of winning in Clash Squad Rank matches. Always stay informed, be strategic, and adapt to the ever-evolving game of Free Fire.

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