Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps: All Correct Answers From Part 1 to 3

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Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps: All Correct Answers From Part 1 to 3



The "In Truth's Steps" event is a part of the major event in Genshin Impact titled "A Parade of Providence".
The event shall last for around two weeks.
Here is a complete guide on all the correct answers for the In Truth's Steps event.

The "In Truth’s Steps" event is part of the main event for the Genshin Impact version 3.6 update titled "A Parade of Providence". The event lasts for two weeks and will feature a ton of interesting game modes and prizes for players to collect. The Parade of Providence Genshin Impact event features six sub-events including Gathering of Stars, Project Connectivity, Antiquity Hunt, In Truth's Steps, Concocted Reaction, and Mimetic Replication. These sub-events feature varying types of gameplay mechanics which challenge players to solve puzzles or fight hordes of enemies for rewards. The In Truth’s Steps event tasks players with collecting crucial information through various questions and figuring out the truth and solving the mystery.

Genshin Impact In Truth's Steps Event


Genshin Impact In Truth’s Steps Part 1 Answers

  • Question 1: How did Beydim leave the mire and pass the message on?

  • Answer: By being a good flyer.

  • Question 2: Beydim was a...?

  • Answer: Dusk Bird.

  • Question 3: Why was Beydim wet all over?

  • Answer: Beydim did not bring any waterproof gear.

Genshin Impact In Truth’s Steps Part 2 Answers

  • Question 1: Why was his mentor angry?

  • Answer: Because he could not obtain the letter.

  • Question 2: Who was it who last came in contact with the letter?

  • Answer: The Darshan staff member who was in charge of passing on the letter.

  • Question 3: Where was the letter?

  • Answer: The mentor's office.

  • Question 4: What was within the letter, then?

  • Answer: The keys to the office.

Genshin Impact In Truth’s Steps Part 3 Answers

  • Question 1: And the current status of the leave permits is...

  • Answer: All the leave permits are with those who should have them.

  • Question 2: Did everyone take a leave permit? 

  • Answer: Everyone took a leave permit.

  • Question 3: Why was one leave permit slip left in the box?

  • Answer: The person who took that slip took the box too.

The truth is revealed after analyzing the narrative and responding to all the queries. The leave permits were definitely distributed to everyone. However, the last person to take a leave permit also took the box containing them.

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