Genshin Impact 3.5: Mika Talents, Constellations and Passives

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Genshin Impact 3.5 - Mika


Mika is a new 4-star Cryo unit releasing in Genshin Impact’s update 3.5.
He is designed to be a support unit for Physical teams and synergizes well with Eula.
Mika will be available on the Shenhe and Ayaka banners from 22nd March to 11th April.

Mika is a new 4-star Cryo unit that is designed to be a support for Physical units. Physical teams are not in the best state right now outside of Eula teams. Other units like Razor and Keqing who have seen use in Physical teams in the past have much stronger elemental teams to work with. Mika can be useful for Eula teams and for future characters who rely on Physical damage, but he isn’t a must-have character. Here is everything you need to know about Mika including his talents, constellations and passives.

Genshin Impact 3.5 Mika: Should you pull for him?

Unlike 5-stars, there is no guarantee that you will be able to snag a 4-star of your choice. There are instances of people spending over a hundred wishes and not getting the 4-star that they need so you should never pull for a low rarity unit unless you are okay with getting the featured 5-star or using up your pity.

Genshin Impact 3.5 Mika: Talents

Starfrost Swirl - Elemental Skill: Mika uses his crossbow to attack, granting all nearby characters in your party Soulwind. When characters in the Soulwind state are on the field, their ATK SPD will be increased.


Fires a Flowfrost Arrow that can pierce through opponents, dealing Cryo DMG to enemies it comes into contact with.


Goes into Aiming Mode, locking on to an opponent and firing a Rimestar Flare at them, dealing Cryo DMG. When the Rimestar Flare hits, it will rise before exploding, launching Rimestar Shards into a maximum of 3 other opponents, dealing Cryo DMG.

Skyfeather Song - Elemental Burst: Derives the ability to spur his teammates on from the recited prayers of the knightly order, regenerating HP for all nearby party members. This healing is based on Mika's Max HP and will grant them the Eagleplume state.


When the Normal Attacks of active characters affected by Eagleplume hit an opponent, Mika will help them regenerate HP based on his Max HP.

Characters affected by this state can only regenerate HP in this way once per short interval of time.

  • Duration: 15 seconds

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds

  • Energy Cost: 70

Genshin Impact 3.5 Mika Constellations 

C1 - Factor Confluence: The Soulwind state of Starfrost Swirl can decrease the healing interval between instances caused by Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume state. This decrease percentage is equal to the ATK SPD increase provided by Soulwind.

C2 - Companion’s Ingress: When Starfrost Swirl's Flowfrost Arrow first hits an opponent, or its Rimestar Flare hits an opponent, 1 Detector stack from Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" will be generated.

  • You must unlock the Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" first.

C3 - Reconnaissance Experience: Increases the Level of Skyfeather Song by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

C4 - Sunfrost Encomium: When Mika's own Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume state heals party members, this will restore 3 Energy to Mika. This form of Energy restoration can occur 5 times during the Eagleplume state created by 1 use of Skyfeather Song.

C5 - Signal Arrow: Increases the Level of Starfrost Swirl by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

C6 - Companion’s Carousel: The maximum number of Detector stacks that Starfrost Swirl's Soulwind can gain is increased by 1. You need to have unlocked the Passive Talent "Suppressive Barrage" first. Additionally, active characters affected by Soulwind will deal 60% more Physical CRIT DMG.

Genshin Impact 3.5 Mika: Passives

Suppressive Barrage: Per the following circumstances, the Soulwind state caused by Starfrost Swirl will grant characters the Detector effect, increasing their Physical DMG by 10% when they are on the field.

  • If the Flowfrost Arrow hits more than one opponent, each additional opponent hit will generate 1 Detector stack.

  • When a Rimestar Shard hits an opponent, it will generate 1 Detector stack. Each Rimestar Shard can trigger the effect 1 time.

The Soulwind state can have a maximum of 3 Detector stacks, and if Starfrost Swirl is cast again during this duration, the pre-existing Soulwind state and all its Detector stacks will be cleared.

Topographical Mapping: When an active character affected by both Skyfeather Song's Eagleplume and Starfrost Swirl's Soulwind at once scores a CRIT Hit with their attacks, Soulwind will grant them 1 stack of Detector from Suppressive Barrage. During a single instance of Soulwind, 1 Detector stack can be gained in this manner.

  • Additionally, the maximum number of stacks that can be gained through Soulwind alone is increased by 1.

  • Requires Suppressive Barrage to be unlocked first.

Demarcation: Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the mini-map.

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