How To Get Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin In Free Fire Max


Garena Free Fire Max: How to Get New Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin

This is how you can get this beautiful weapon skin.

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Garena announced a collaboration between Assassin's Creed and Free Fire MAX last month, introducing the Assassin's Creed Royale along with it.
As part of this themed Luck Royale which is nothing but a lucky draw, players can spend some Diamonds to receive the Metal Wings AWM Skin.
There are still three days to obtain this legendary skin which can be attained by following the steps mentioned below.

Garena recently collaborated with popular video game series Assassin's Creed bringing with it limited-time exclusive events and themed rewards for both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

As part of this partnership, Free Fire has rolled out a special Luck Royale which consists of a lot of exciting rewards including weapon skins and other cosmetics called Assassin's Creed Royale.

One of the rewards which is a part of this lucky draw is the legendary weapon skin Metal Wings AWM which provides users with attributes like additional damage and armor penetration, while decreasing their movement speed considerably.

Here is how you can obtain this sought after weapon skin in Free Fire MAX which can be absolutely lethal in the hands of a survivor whose aim is highly accurate.

How to get Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin in Free Fire MAX - Complete Guide

The collaboration between Free Fire MAX and Assassin's Creed was announced last month on 28th February and will be taking place until 13th March. During this limited-time event, the developers also introduced the Assassin's Creed Royale (5th to 11th March), which is a themed lucky draw giving players an opportunity to receive various rewards.

All the rewards which are a part of this Lucky Royale that can be assigned at random are as follows,

  1. Desert Eagle: Metal Wings

  2. Surfboard: Haunted Dawn

  3. Parachute: Unagi

  4. Pan: Volcanic Fury

  5. AWM: Metal Wings

  6. Dagger Punch

  7. Hooded Darkness

  8. Hooded Darkness x 5

  9. Hooded Darkness x 3

  10. Hooded Darkness x 2

  11. Hooded Darkness x 10

  12. Forsaken Brotherhood Bundle

  13. SCAR: Blood Moon Weapon Loot

  14. Warrior’s Spirit Weapon Loot Crate

  15. Booyah Weapon Loot Crate

  16. Demolitionist Weapon Loot

  17. Chips Case

In order to receive any one of these rewards including the Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin, Free Fire MAX players will have to spend their precious Diamonds (in-game currency). For a single spin, players will be required to spend about 40 Diamonds, but a bundle offering 11 spins in total will cost the players 400 Diamonds.

This basically means that purchasing a bundle will cost a player significantly less, as they will be given one extra spin for absolutely free. Additionally, they will also be increasing their chances of receiving the Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin, as the drop rate of high tier items goes up with every spin.

Free Fire MAX - Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin

Here is how players can obtain the Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin in Free Fire MAX,

  1. Players must first open either Free Fire or Free Fire MAX and then tap on the 'Luck Royale' tab to take part in the Assassin's Creed Royale.

  2. They must tap on it and play the lucky draw for a chance to win the sought after weapon skin, which provides extra damage and armor penetration while trading off movement speed.

  3. Players would have to choose either '1 Spin' or '10+1 Spins' and then it is up to their luck if they get the desired drop(s) or not. There is a very minute chance of getting it in the first spin itself and it is very possible that they don't get it even after multiple spins.

  4. However, do keep in mind that the more a player spins higher is the probability of them getting a better drop. This is just how the lucky draw works.

Free Fire MAX players still have three days time to spend some Diamonds and take part in the Assassin's Creed Royale to get themselves a powerful Legendary Metal Wings AWM Skin.

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