5 Tips To Get Max Kills In Free Fire MAX Hot-Drops


Garena Free Fire Max: 5 Tips to Get Maximum Kills in Hot-Drops

How to perform well during the risky hot-drop fights!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Hot-drop zones in Free Fire MAX are some of the riskiest areas on the map where a lot of intense fights take place between multiple players and squads.
This happens because the hot-drop zones house a lot of high quality loot which gives teams and players a significant upper hand during the game.
Here are five effective Garena Free Fire MAX tips which can be implemented on an individual and team level to perform better in hot-drop zones.

Some of the most adrenaline-fueled fights in Free Fire MAX take place near hot drop zones, which are nothing but specific locations with a lot of good quality loot. Garena has designed every map in Free Fire MAX such that several of these hot drop zones are located all over, giving survivors a fair chance at approaching any of these locations to gain an upper hand early on in the game.

The hot-drop fights in Garena Free Fire MAX can get very risky and even the most organized teams can easily go into disarray once multiple squads start to exchange fire. It is very tough to maintain composure and think clearly in the heat of the battle, which is the primary reason for squads getting completely destroyed.

Here are a few simple tips for Free Fire MAX players that can improve their performance significantly to get more kills during fights in hot-drop zones.

5 tips to get maximum kills during hot-drop fights in Garena Free Fire Max

While improving communications and team synergy is important, there are a few things every Free Fire MAX player on an individual level can implement to achieve an even higher level of success which can result in getting more kills during the risky and aggressive hot-drop fights.

Here are five essential and simple Garena Free Fire MAX tips to get as many kills as possible in the hot-drop zones.

1) Get hold of a good close to mid-range weapon

When fighting in the hot-drop zone only certain weapons have a chance of guaranteeing success to a player, so try and get your hands on a weapon which is good at close and mid range.

For this, certain players that are picky with their armaments would have to forgo this behaviour and bring in that change mentally of playing with certain specific weapons, that enable them to move quickly and rush at opponents.

A few weapons that are suitable for this situation are SCAR, UMP, and Vector. All three weapons will aid a player in effectively engaging with multiple opponents, while constantly being able to move around quickly, and rush at them when an opportunity arrises.

2) Secure a good position

One of the most important aspects that decides which player or squad is more likely to win a fight is positioning. Finding a position with great cover and a good line of sight overlooking the area where all the action is ongoing is crucial to winning the fight.

Garena Free Fire MAX offers various such spots such as houses, rocks, trees, pits, and more within the hot-drop zones, from where players can get a really good hold of the situation, helping them command the tide of the fight if played smartly.

However, do keep in mind that holding a position too long could turn out to be risky. So make sure to utilize the cover properly and rotate to another such position to keep the opponents on their toes and not get pinned down.

3) Force opponents into tight spots and get them with utility

A great way to tackle players and even entire squads is to push them into a tight corner or a closed spot, with none to limited means of escape, and keep them pinned so they do not escape.

Now, simply chuck your utility like molotovs or grenades to deal heavy area of effect damage to wipe them clean without the risk of rushing in and dying. This ensures you get multiple kills, without taking any risk, or giving up your own positioning.

How a player can force an enemy into a certain position boils down to game sense and experience, something that one needs to learn by simply playing and understanding the game better.

Free Fire MAX - Utility usage important in hot-drop zone

4) Try landing in the center of the hot-drop zone

The best way to ensure that you get maximum kills during hot-drop fights in Garena Free Fire MAX is to play from the center and push outwards. This is the most effective way of securing the area while getting heaps of kills.

Simply put, the team that starts from the center gets a clear upper hand be it with weaponry, positioning, spotting incoming enemies while holding their positions with minimal risk of getting flanked.

Also, teams that are usually trying to make their way inwards within the hot-drop zone have a high chance of facing other players and squads which often leads to a lot of chaotic fights, and no one wants to get into the middle of a multi squad faceoff.

Free Fire MAX - Landing in middle of hot-drop zone

5) Always focus on one team or player at a time

With multiple squads and players entering the hot-drop zone it might get overwhelming. In such a situation, it is always good to stay calm and keep your focus on a single player or squad, working towards eliminating them.

As these fights tend to easily get out of control, it is best to stay focussed and goal-oriented, constantly working towards achieving the objective, then switching to a new one, so on and so forth.

Implementing these five tips on both an individual and team level will guarantee you more success in this risky zone, as you shall come out on top during these 'high risk, high reward' hot-drop fights with a greater chance of obtaining maximum kills.

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