Free Fire OB41 Advance Server: An In-Depth Look at Exciting Unreleased Features

Ahsan Kabir
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire OB41 Advance Server: An In-Depth Look at Exciting Unreleased Features</p></div>
Free Fire OB41 Advance Server: An In-Depth Look at Exciting Unreleased Features


Free Fire

Exclusive Early Access: Explore new Free Fire features before official launch!
Character Overhauls: Refined abilities for enhanced gameplay and strategy.
Improved Training Grounds: Customizable target range for better skill development.

The Free Fire OB41 Advance Server is now live, offering players the chance to explore new and unreleased features before the official launch. Among the prominent additions are the revamped profile section, the introduction of the new Suzy character with her ability called Money Mark, and various ability adjustments for existing characters.

UI Changes in the Profile Section

One of the standout changes is the UI overhaul in the profile section, which now boasts a simpler design, better display of titles and achievements, and the ability to view recent visitors. Additionally, players can show appreciation to other users by giving them thumbs up on their profiles.

Store Section Makeover

The store section has also received significant improvements, with a better menu layout and clearer displays of items available for purchase. For instance, gun skin attributes in crates are now visible directly on the image itself.

Introducing Free Fire OB41 Advance Server and her Money Mark Ability

The new Suzy character introduces the ability "Money Mark," which places a bounty on marked enemies. Eliminating these targets rewards both the player and their teammates with an extra 100 in-match currency.

Character Ability Reworks

Various character abilities have also undergone reworks. For example, Antonio's ability, previously granting an additional 40 HP, now provides 40 extra Shield Points at the start of the match. Nairi's ability now restores 250 durability every second to deployed Gloo Walls and heals teammates within a 5m range by 20 HP per second, with a maximum cap of 40 HP per teammate per Gloo Wall.

Shani's ability, Gear Recycle, now grants 50 Shield Points to self and teammates within 10m when using an active skill, though the Shield Points decay after 5 seconds. Shirou's ability, Damage Delivered, no longer deals additional damage but marks attackers within 100m for 6 seconds, sharing their location with teammates, with a maximum cap of four markings.

New Target Range for Improved Practice

In addition to character adjustments, the Free Fire OB41 Advance Server features a new target range with human-like models, offering players more effective practice on Batou. The Bermuda map's Peak section has also been reworked, featuring a new parking space with ample cover and an upgraded core building, providing more tactical combat opportunities.

Players interested in trying out the new features can download the APK file and experience them firsthand using a valid Activation Code. However, it's important to note that Free Fire is currently blocked in India, and players in the region must wait for these features to be added to the MAX version.

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