Free Fire Faded Wheel Event: How to Get Dragon Swipe Emote, Golden Fist Backpack, More


Free Fire Faded Wheel Event: How to Get Dragon Swipe Emote, Golden Fist Backpack, More

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Experience the thrill of Free Fire's latest Faded Wheel Event, featuring the exclusive Dragon Swipe Emote and Golden Fist Backpack.
Engage in strategic reward selection and guaranteed prizes within eight spins, enhancing your Free Fire arsenal significantly.
Utilize diamonds efficiently in the Faded Wheel Event to acquire unique skins, emotes, and other valuable in-game items.

Garena has introduced a captivating new event to Free Fire on 25th April 2024, which features the coveted Dragon Swipe Emote as its top reward. Beyond this appealing emote, the event also offers players a variety of cosmetic items and accessories, drawing them into a pool of potential gains accessible via the game's premium currency, Diamonds.

Free Fire Faded Wheel Event: Detailed Guide

The Faded Wheel Event, a highlight among the Luck Royales in Free Fire, presents a unique opportunity for players. It operates on a spinning mechanism where players use Diamonds to secure diverse items from the available selection.

Once an item is selected through a spin, it becomes unavailable for subsequent spins, ensuring a variety of rewards for participants.

The initial spin costs a mere 9 Diamonds, with the price escalating with each additional spin, reaching up to 499 Diamonds for the eighth spin.

Dragon Swipe emote in Free Fire

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Free Fire Faded Wheel Event: Rewards List

The latest Faded Wheel Event in Free Fire offers an array of 10 prizes, which includes the following rewards,

  • Dragon Swipe Emote

  • Amber Megacypher Weapon Loot Crate

  • Golden Fist Backpack

  • Supply, Armor, and Private Eye Weapon Loot Crates

  • Balance Loot Box

  • Pet Food

Before initiating the spins, participants must choose two items they do not wish to receive, which narrows down the pool and increases the odds of receiving more desirable items.

Notably, acquiring the Dragon Swipe Emote is guaranteed within eight spins, making the event quite enticing.

Latest Faded Wheel Event Page in Free Fire

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How to Access the Free Fire Faded Wheel Event?

Players looking to dive into the Faded Wheel event can do so by following these steps:

  1. Open Free Fire on your device.

  2. Navigate to the 'Luck Royale' icon on the left side of the screen to view active events.

  3. Select the 'Dragon Swipe Emote' Faded Wheel event and eliminate two unwanted items from the prize pool.

  4. Begin spinning by using diamonds.

After successfully acquiring the Dragon Swipe emote, players can equip it via the 'Vault' section in Free Fire.

While the event is attractive, it is advisable for players with limited diamonds to consider saving their currency for other opportunities, such as the Mystery Shop Event, which may offer more favorable terms and a higher probability of securing valuable cosmetics.

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