Free Fire Diwali Pass: How to Get Urban Scooter Motorbike, Skyboarder, Divine Blade Katana & More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire Diwali Pass: How to Get Urban Scooter Motorbike, Skyboarder, Divine Blade Katana &amp; More</p></div>
Free Fire Diwali Pass: How to Get Urban Scooter Motorbike, Skyboarder, Divine Blade Katana &amp; More


Free Fire

Free Fire MAX Diwali Pass offers Divine Blade Katana and more for daily logins.
Complete tasks to exchange cracker tokens for the Urban Scooter Motorbike.
Play matches to spin for the Urban Skyboarder – a guaranteed win after 20 spins.

Free Fire MAX is lighting up with its Diwali celebrations, introducing an alluring Diwali Pass. This new addition provides players access to an array of unique items, including fresh skins for katanas, skateboards, and motorbikes, all available at an enticing price point. The event sparked into life on 6th November and will wrap up on 27th November. Securing the Diwali Pass requires players to top up with 100 diamonds. Structured into three distinct segments, the pass presents permanent rewards that players can unlock through daily missions.

Daily Logins Reward Players with Exclusive Items: Free Fire Diwali Pass

For those who have purchased the Diwali Pass, a 7-day login streak is key to unlocking a trove of items. The prized asset in this segment is the Divine Blade (Katana). Players should note that missing a login day will necessitate the use of diamonds to retrieve the reward, with the cost escalating for each day missed.

The rewards on offer include:

  • Day 1: AN94 – Tsunami Bolt (1 day)

  • Day 2: MP5 Meta Lava (1 day)

  • Day 3: Groza Flames Enchanted (1 day)

  • Day 4: UMP Grizzly Papercut (1 day)

  • Day 5: AUG Mars Landcrusher (1 day)

  • Day 6: P90 Tune Blaster Blue (1 day)

  • Day 7: Diwali Dino (1 day)

  • Bonus Reward: Divine Blade Katana

Daily Missions and Shopping for the Urban Scooter

Earning special cracker tokens is as simple as completing three daily missions. These tokens serve as currency in the Diwali Store, where they can be exchanged for rewards, including the coveted Urban Scooter Motorbike. Additionally, players can opt to refresh their missions using FF Gold, allowing for more chances to collect tokens.

The Diwali Store's inventory includes:

  • Urban Scooter Motorbike: 20 tokens

  • EXP Card: 8 tokens

  • Cube Fragment: 5 tokens

  • Diamond Royale Voucher: 4 tokens

Winning Matches for the Urban Skyboarder

This segment of the event echoes the mechanics of a lucky wheel. By completing a match in Free Fire, players earn the opportunity to spin for rewards. With a limit of five spins per day, persistent players are guaranteed to secure the Urban Skyboarder after 20 spins. The spin rewards feature Urban Skyboarder, Gold Royale Voucher and Pet Food.

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